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1. Wayang Purwa symbolizes human life in the world. Basically, the genealogy of wayang is rooted in the gods named Hyang Manikmaya and Hyang Ismaya. They are sons of Hyang Tunggal. In the wayang performance, Hyang Tunggal is not visible. The two sons emerged as lights simultaneously. Manikmaya's light was glowing brightly. Ismaya's light was dark. Both of them competed to proclaim that they were the older of the two.

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2. Then, Hyang Tunggal stated that the dark light was older, but he was predicted that he could not have the god's personality. He was given a name Ismaya. Since he had the human personality, he was asked to stay in earth to take care the god's descendent, the Pandawa. Then he was sent to the world and named Semar. He has the ugliest human being outlook.

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3. The spark light was named Manikmaya, who lives in Suralaya (the kingdom of gods).
Manikmaya is so proud to himself since he perceives himself to have no weakness and to be powerful. That kind of attitudes makes Hyang Tunggal give him some weaknesses.

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4. The two events are symbols. Ismaya symbolizes the body of human being. Ismaya symbolizes the soul of human being (inner body). The body (Semar) always takes care of five senses (Pendawa): sense of smelling (Yudhistira); sense of hearing (Werkodara); sense of seeing (Arjuna); sense of taste (Nakula); and sense of touching (Sadewa).

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5. The task of Semar is to take care the wellbeing of Pendawa, in order to avoid the war with Korawa (sense of Anger). However, Hyang Manik Maya always persuades them to fight. Finally, there is Baratayudha where Pandawa become the winner.


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