Beautiful Nabila Syakieb Indonesian Celeb

Nabila Syakieb (born in Bogor, West Java, 18 November 1985, age 25 years) is an Indonesian actress. Nabila is the older brother of the soap opera actress Ali Syakieb.Nabila began his career as a model with a chosen as cover girl finalist 1999. He plunged into the world of entertainment since the age of 16 years, while casting away the soap opera "Love School" as a Princess. Arab women are increasingly known bleeding while starring in "My kid is not my son" who starred with Roger Danuarta.

Another patron who had starred, among others, Choose Me, Love Supreme, with Indra Bruggman Taqwa and Darling. In Sinetron Darling, student University of Paramadina play with Baim Wong. Afterwards the Queen Nabila played with Christian Sugiono soap opera but the story is very short and most recently the soap opera Love with Christian Sugiono and other stars like Jehoshaphat Giovani Tobing, Alice Norin.

Currently (2009), Nabila was starred in the film, entitled Love and Grace. In the soap opera, Nabila named "Nabila" act as an adult character who protect her younger siblings.


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