History of Gresik

The port of Gresik-Djaratan has been an important commercial center since the eleventh century, trading with merchants from as far away as China, India, and Arabia. These traders helped spread Islam in the area. In 1487, Sunan Giri, Syech Maulana Malik Ibrahim, also known as Sultan Ainul Yaqin, began to rule Gresik. In his 1515 book, Suma Oriental, Portuguese apothecary and traveller, Tomé Pires, described Gresik as "the jewel of Java in trading ports" Sunan Giri's descendants ruled the area for the next two centuries.
In 1974, the Indonesian government made Gresik, now a suburb of the regional capital of Surabaya, the capital of Gerbankartasusilo.


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