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The era of globalization make changes in the order of life. Technology's growing cause changes in values ​​and mindset of every individual. With the development of Science and Technology is so fast then there is also a very fundamental change in pharmacy services that focus on the product was changed by focusing on the patient. Changes in patterns of pharmaceutical services this country has long-developed countries took place while in Indonesia is still very behind and often still in the level of discourse. We hope that the service-oriented pharmacy on improving the quality of life of patients as mentioned above can be realized also in Indonesia. Service-oriented pharmaceutical products and the delivery of drugs to the patient, gradually and surely to be abandoned for the sake of the needs of patients and the pharmacies themselves.
In this era of globalization characterized by free trade, among others, AFTA, APEC and so on, then there is no discrimination and barriers to trade including services. Barriers are only allowed with the implementation of standards. Therefore, the Assistant Pharmacist Indonesia should prepare themselves before it's too late to be a guest in their own country, in good pharmacy service in hospitals or other health care facilities.
What should be done to improve the partnership between Assistant Pharmacist, pharmacists and other medical staff in hospitals?
· Communications
Partnership arising from the communication. Without communication there is no partnership, it must be admitted to communicate during these barriers should be abandoned and began to pace.
Therefore, what the barriers in communication during these should be eliminated and communication skills should be improved. If during this more face products that do not require communication it is now changing face of patient and medical personnel to communicate basic needs.
Increasing the ability of
The smoothness and success of the Pharmacy to communicate depending on the existence of material to be communicated that are useful for other medical staff and patients. In the pharmaceutical sector is expected and should be, should be a central pharmacy drug information in all its aspects. If this capability does not exist then the courage to communicate progress and will be weak and eventually will be abandoned and partnerships that are expected will not happen.


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