On my last trip in Samarinda, we went to Mulawarman University national park on way home to Balikpapan. We went there for picnic and enjoyed the atmosphere alot.
We played on lake too, In Samarinda UMNUL National Park, Place that interesting me the most is “WOODS MUSEUM” there was many examples of Kalimantan’s Original woods, such as Iron Woods, Kalimantan’s endemic animal and plant, even sample of some rare still saved there. And this sample taken originally from Kalimantan’s own rain forest.
There were also many samples of animals saved here. Wheter dead or not.. Ow, there were Alvin and the Chipmunks too!
For your information, Kalimantan Island is very rich of natural resources that give a big number for national income. From the mining resources like coal, gas, and petroleum. For petroleum, specially in Balikpapan. Balikpapan also well-known as ‘KOTA MINYAK’ Or ‘OIL CITY’, means that the processing of those raw petroleum become ready to use oil, happen in Kilang Minyak UP V Balikpapan everyday and everytime.
This is why most of image and impression that growth in people’s mind that people who live in Kalimantan is rich, high class, or the offspring of aristocrat many Kingdom in Past such as Kutai Kingdom. Such as Keturunannya King Mulawarman lah, keturunannya selir itu lah, cicit nya si anu lah, hubungan darah sama raja ini ratu itu, bangsawan ini, itu, anu, etc-,- .
I still have so many pictures from this National Park. I promise you, i will share and upload more. When i have a time because National Final Examination geting closer day by day.

Anyway, im so glad i live in the cleanest city in Indonesia. I feel safe. its a very peaceful and wonderful city. Even its not a big and crowded. Visit me sometime :D


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