Beauty Indonesia Surfing Vacations

I grew up around the water and always dreamed of having my own charter boat.  When I graduated from body boarding to surfing, it was clear that it would be a surf charter boat.  That was the reason I attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy, my plan was to “ship out” until I saved enough to buy my own boat.  But, after working on tugboats for a while and being frustrated with the surf on the East Coast, I went to Costa Rica and never went back.  I came back from there and moved to California where I would work and surf every day.  There I worked on long range fishing charters, whale watching, and tour boats.  After a year living in California I decided I’d try to find a job on someone else’s boat, I couldn’t wait anymore. I came out to Padang and lucked out by finding a job as captain on Strictly Business.  I worked on Strictly for 3 years and loved every minute of it, it was almost the perfect job, I scored unreal waves, met tons of great people, and realized that I really enjoyed showing people all my favorite places and reaping the rewards of seeing all the guys so stoked on the experience.  I see so many memorable scenes and have so many awesome experiences, I look forward to trying to recreate them with my passengers.  I always tried to think of a better way to do things.  I met up with some like minded people who shared the same ideas as me and we decided to make our ideas into actions.  This boat is what we would like to think of as the perfect surf charter boat: it’s fast, stable, safe, roomy, and has all the required luxuries to make us feel right at home.


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