Kuta began as a small fishing village and has since become one of Indonesia's most developed tourist destinations. The first settlers came around 2500 BC from other areas in Asia, who were later followed by Hindu settlers from India around 100 BC. The first modern day tourists came in the 1970's and were primarily backpackers from Europe and Australia. These visitors typically stayed in simple guest houses and warungs and ate simple local foods. These days, Kuta is a well developed tourist destination and is arguably most popular among international vacationers from all over the world for its beaches and entertainment. Kuta's location on the southern end of Bali makes it a short 10 minute drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Like the rest of Bali, the high seasons are in July and August as well as the weeks shouldering Christmas and New Year's. Exact international arrival statistics specific to Kuta cannot be found at this time.

Kuta is home to Kuta Beach. It has long beaches that extend as far as the eye can see with magnificent sunsets over the Indian Ocean. Tourists and locals alike get a spectacular view each evening. The beach in Kuta is also regarded as one of the top surfing destinations in the world due to an exposed beach break that provides consistent surf. This has attracted surfers from around the world to ride Kuta's waves, although the beach has received criticism for being polluted.

The popularity of Kuta beach aided in the transformation of Kuta from a fishing village to an entertainment mecca. Back in the 1970's, a few pioneers set up shop to serve the growing tourist market, and among these were Made's Warung and Poppies Restaurant, both of which are still in business. There is a high concentration of hotels, nightlife, and dining venues that range from modest to upper scale. Cafes, pubs, and clubs are prevalent throughout Kuta, with the main party strip on Jalan Legian between Poppies 1 and 2 (alleyways). The most prominent of the entertainment venues is the Hard Rock Cafe, which draws in a packed crowd of international party revelers each weekend. Scroll down for some must-go hotels and entertainment venues as recommended by TripAdvisor contributors.

Two deadly bombings took place in Kuta in 2002 and 2005. The incidents, believed to be planned terrorist attacks, were reported around the world and landed Kuta and Bali on the world stage. A memorial shrine was erected after the 2002 bombing, but tourism has since rebounded tremendously.

Must-Stay Hotels

Must-Go Entertainment
Paddy's - Two floor dance club and bar, considered an 'institution' in Kuta (map)
Hard Rock Cafe - Tropical themed drinks and old fashioned burgers, topped off with late night partying (map)
Discovery Mall - Beachfront mall in heart of Kuta with banks, restaurants, and international retailers (map)

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