Cinta Laura is Love Indonesia

Barack Obama’s arrival effect apparently resulted in Love Laura. The reason, Obama who had lived in Indonesia in his childhood were still able to speak Indonesian fluently, and not westernized like typical Laura Love who had lived abroad in her childhood. Of that, the mother of Love, Herdianna, admitted quite upset.
“Why if Agnes Monica who speak half English, half Indonesian never protested? If Love it 1 / 4 English, 3 / 4 not speak Indonesian. I’m confused why Love is always blamed,” said Herdianna when contacted via phone, Wednesday (10/11).
Recognized by Herdianna, according to him, language is not too important. To be sure, Love is very love Indonesia.
“My response, and Love is the same. If I, language is not important. Mau half German, Indonesian, and America is not the problem. Love’ve got dual nationality, Germany and Indonesia. Next year will not you love college in America, he will become an international citizen. Since childhood, I teach love for Indonesia not understand the meaning of the Indonesian language. I do not like people who like symbolic Indonesia. As if they perform the ritual prayer five times but in their starving neighbors also do not know, no implementation, ” explained.
“For me, Love is love Indonesia,” continued Herdianna. “Proven Love built a free school. If for me, most importantly what the hell love to Indonesia. Lecture he could bid to go international. This aspiration if an international artist so he wanted to be like Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Bullock, and Angelina Jolie are going contributed millions of dollars of their money to help others. As Sandra Bullock who donates one million dollars for tsunami victims.


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