Luna Maya Beauty Profile in Indonesia

Who is not familiar with Luna Maya? This beautiful actress was a versatile one. Just look at the profession that they do, presenter, singer, model and recently they do, directed. Not only that, Luna Maya is also blessed with a beautiful face and nice hair.

Handsome appearance and is supported by the ability of qualified make Luna Maya is admired by many people. Therefore, one manufacturer of hair beauty products, Makarizo, do not want to miss this golden opportunity to hold Luna Maya as the Brand Ambassador of Makarizo Rebonding 2010 System this year.
Become an ambassador hair beauty products, especially related to rebonding, if Luna would later rebonding hair too? "The truth is not in-rebonding hair because straight hair is already long time ago, but I prefer to use the product Makarizo hair easier to control," said Luna when found FX Sudirman, South Jakarta, Monday (12/04).

Luna which always appear with long hair loose and bangs it, plead not too complicated in the care of her hair. "Everyday I most often in a strange hair-anehin be more happy, eh, because if after working in bilasnya easy," She said.
Beautiful hair had become every woman's dream. To obtain beautiful hair without the salon often, Luna Maya got special tips. "If you want beautiful hair not need expensive and complicated enough shampoo aja kok, because I have a rare type of people really into the salon. So we tetep Makarizo healthy, stylish and easy to move," She concluded.

Luna Maya is still time to be a model in the middle of busy every day in the GREAT and other activities in the world seabrek CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). But make no mistake, she became the model for his own business, Luna Maya for Hardware. Precisely last February, Luna flew to Singapore and spent four days to shoot the latest collection LMforHW that nearly all production in that country.
This clothing line is one form of cooperation between the hardware along with Luna Maya who together want to enliven the world of fashion in the country. Various products like jeans, t-shirts, beautiful dress, vest, cardigan, ripped leggings, belts and handbags to be found in collections LMforHW that target the youth market that is dynamic and full of creativity. Luna left a team with Malka Artha and his partner.

Malka Artha Artist Management is led by Ramona Vita, manager of the Luna. In addition to Luna, Peter, Dea Ananda, and Nadia also take shelter under the same management. Meanwhile, the photographer who took pictures of Luna is quite special since he is one of the country's top musicians, Ridho Slank. Reason invites Ridho, apart from being good friends with Luna, the ability Ridho in the field of photography is unquestionable.

In addition to having a colorful design and comfortable to wear, LMforHW also offers designs that follow the latest fashion trends and are always updated with new things. The plume, almost all collections LMforHW is domestic production because this clothing also wanted to promote local industry did not lose their quality with imported products. The price also not too expensive because it ranges from 30,000 - Rp400.000.
Cita Cinta, was first published March 25, 2000 as a reading for the modern young woman who wanted to appear more intelligent, cheerful, beautiful. Began August 30, 2004, we appear more practical in the size of a magazine that can be taken anywhere (into the bag, deh!) With the content and the more solid info.

Luna Maya is still sensitive when talking about Ariel Peterpan. Though his relationship began to open in public. Like when found in the quiz , he chose to run away when asked about plans 'sowan' Lebaran to Ariel's parents.

Whereas previous him sumringah keep talking about health conditions in the middle of the density of activity. "I slept only 5 hours," he admitted. To get around that with a lot of Luna taking vitamins and drinking water.

"If food abstinence cuman pig," she said.

We have Bali-born artist was admitted not need a personal physician. "Oh, it was not necessary," she said, "Thank God is still in good health, had nge-drop but it was just not feeling well for granted."

On that occasion, Luna also states would leave 2 weeks for Lebaran. "If Lebaran no special rituals, such as naturally other Indonesian families," she explained.

So how plans 'sowan' to Ariel's parents? Such Asked doi actually run.
The first anniversary DAHSYAT really terrible. At least it recognized presenternya, Luna Maya. Bagamat must confess tired because moving-moving studio, Luna confess happy. With a presenter at this event RCTI, Luna confessed enough to get a lot of knowledge. Originally this beautiful stars confess rather hesitate to take the job, but now even gave him a new experience.

Despite confessing tired, Luna felt quite so happy to be joining the event back this year. "Oops, bener-bener terrible, because we are from morning until evening. And we must move-and the studio moved a distance deket also. Capek is tired, but it ketutup same seneng," said wide-eyed artist this time in the event ultah DAHSYAT in RCTI Studio, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (24 / 3).

Charge is not a problem anymore so the motivation for Luna in the back brisk this year, but more on the fun. "If the honor gede sih gue nggak akan pace here. But it is more fun to aja. DAHSYAT in science could be so for the presenter. That was my fear so that the presenter, but now I much ngerti. And so are hours of add , "said the star who is also a UN ambassador for the World Food Board.

However, although exciting, Luna does not expect events such as this is done every day, he did not want Section tired too contradictory in some studio. "Do not do pity me. This banget aja udah tired, because I go back and forth," she said.
Many people doubt the artist can not play beautiful situation comedy. Mistaken belief that in fact. This is evidenced when the beautiful Luna Maya gets contract for 65 the first episode to appear on sitkom Office Boy (OB) Shift 2 which will begin on 25 March 2009 in RCTI.

The role of Luna in the OB Shift 2 is quite central. Luna as Sukma Lusi Rukmini or familiar call Bu Suk, the lead Luna OKTV general manager positions with the HRD. That is, the position of Bu Suk (Luna) is the immediate superior Pak Taka Soebrata (Marlon Renaldy). Thus, the power of the Pak Taka that during this very power is not absolute anymore.

According to the producer OB Shift 2 Winny Rosalina, Sukma character already prepared a long time. Far before the appointed Luna get involved in sitkom simply commandeer the public's attention during the 611 episodes.

Luna is involved in the selection sitkom OB Shift 2 is the ability to see after the acting of Luna mumpuniis very good. "Every player in the OB is not there a jaim and we find the characters that match. We already have image problems Bu Suk and we select Luna because he is a multi-talent, beautiful and not "jaim". We see Luna in Dahsyat that appear to Scrolling and she is not "Jaim". Hence, we select him without casting, "said Winny.

Luna has happened several times in the OB. However, the artist does not mean others do not be. There are a number of potential candidate OB Shift 2 as Maia Estianty or Sarah Azhari. But, the characters and can match that ignites the film 30 Day Finding Love this.

"Luna is ideal for OB. Beautiful, must be fierce and the profession as a model. So if in the office, he always shows the appearance of interest," called Winny.
OB Sitkom Shift 2 is not only a difference in the new character played Luna Maya. However, each character has been re-developed so that people feel more complete now enjoy the spectacle this OB Shift 2. Begins when Pak Taka know if the secretary that, Saschya (Winda Viska) appeared to have a relationship with Gusti (Bayu Oktara).

Pak Taka also seek attention with sham suffering Parkinson disease, alzaimer, amnesia and sit in a chair with wheels. Meanwhile, Susi (Mendeng Caroline) married with Sayuti.


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