Name: Sutomo

Born in Surabaya, East Java, October 3, 1920 -

Died in Padang Arafah, Saudi Arabia, October 7th, 1981 at the age of 61 years

Better known by the people familiar with the greeting as Bung Tomo hero who is famous for his role in inspiring the people to resist the return of Dutch colonial army of NICA a free ride through the Allied armies (UK), which ended with the battle of 10 November 1945, which until now celebrated as the Day Heroes.

There is no single sentence that offends the role of Muslims in the first series of dioramas Museum Heros Mandala. In fact, this is just one example, the fighting in Surabaya, 10 November 1945 Declaration of Jihad initiated by the scholars as Java in October 1945 to expel invaders are determined to regain Indonesia.

Role of the burning spirit of Bung Tomo arek-arek Suroboyo with jihad speeches in front of the funnel RRI Surabaya, with the Takbir repeatedly screamed "Allahu Akbar" resounded in the air until City of Heroes was also not mentioned at all. Whereas almost all arek-arek Suroboyo willing to sacrifice body and soul because it solely based on the spirit of jihad fi sabilillah, not the other spirit.


Brothers commoners throughout Indonesia, especially, the brothers residents of Surabaya city. We all already know that today the British army have been spreading pamphlets that provide a threat to us all. We are required to specify in their time, gave us the weapons seized from Japanese troops.

They have asked that we come at them with raised hands. They have asked that we all come to them in carrying white flags to signal their surrender.

The brothers, in past battles, we all have to show that the people of Indonesia in Surabaya, the young men who came from the Moluccas, the young men who come from Sulawesi, the young men who came from the island of Bali, the young men who originated from Kalimantan, the youths from all over Sumatra, Aceh youth, youth Tapanuli & all youth in Surabaya, Indonesia was, in their forces with their respective forces that shaped the people in the villages, have shown a defense that can not be diabolic, have shown a strength that they were stuck everywhere.

Just because a cunning tactic than they were, brothers and sisters by bringing the president and other leaders to Surabaya, we were subject to stop the fighting. But at that time they have strengthened themselves, and after strong now here it is.

Gentlemen, we all, our nation is in Surabaya, Indonesia will accept this challenge of the British army. And if the leadership of British troops in Surabaya want to listen to the response of the Indonesian people, wanted to hear answers to all the young people of Indonesia in Surabaya. Hear this, O British soldier, was the answer of the people of Surabaya, Indonesia is the answer to you young gentlemen.

Hi British soldiers!

You wish that we will take the white flag of surrender to you, tell us to raise their hands to come to you, you told us to bring the weapons we took from Japan to be handed to you.

That demand, although we know that you're all going to threaten us to attack and destroy us with all the force there. But this is our answer: During the Indonesian bulls still have the red blood that can make a piece of white cloth into the red & white, so long as we wish it would not surrender to anyone!

The brothers of the people of Surabaya, ready precarious situation but I warn you again, do not start shooting, just when we shot, we'll replace it attacked them.

We show that we are really people who want to be independent. And for us, brethren, we are better than no independent devastated. Our motto remains: FREE or DIE.

And we believe, brethren, in the end victory will surely fall into our hands because God is always on the right side, believe me brothers and sisters, God will protect us all

Allahu Akbar ..!

Allahu Akbar ..!

Allahu Akbar ...!


And this is not the only one. Another diorama is tasteless illustrates the struggle of Indonesian Muslims history is a diorama of Ambarawa Theater, December 15, 1945. Inside the yellow plates that contain information about the Theater marginally Ambarawa, no concern at all offensive about the role of scholars and army troops Santri which is really a power hitter core of the British forces, representatives of the Allied forces, who had just drunk a victory in the War World War II.

Islamic historians from Bandung, Ahmad Mansyur Suryanegara, relates, "Our history is not written correctly about Ambarawa Theater. And that momentum is a momentum which is very important, because that's when students led troops repelled the scholars of British troops who are winning the War troops World War II.

Santri troops also captured a number of relics of the Dutch fort and make the Allies led by Maj. Gen. Hawthron, Commander 23 Indian Division, fled helter-skelter toward the warships in the harbor those who lean Semarang. "


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