Sign of independence

Sign of independence
Hearing The news that Japan no longer have the power to make decisions like the one above, Sukarno reading "Independence Perisytiharan Republic of Indonesia" the next day, namely 17 Ogos 1945. News about independence perisytiharaan disseminated through radio and minutes, while the armed tentera Indonesia, Force Defenders of the Fatherland (PETA), as well as the youth and others set out to preserve Sukarno's residence.

At 29 Ogos 1945, the collection is inaugurated as President Sukarno of Indonesia, with Mohammad Hatta as answers through symbol designed several days earlier. Later formed the Central Indonesian National Jawatankuasa (KNIP) as a temporary parliament so that the choice of the public highway can be executed. Collection of the new government Rest ordered Ogos 31, with the Republic of Indonesia consists of fruit than eight provinces, namely:

* Sumatra
* Borneo (excluding the territory of Sabah, Sarawak, and Brunei)
* Java, namely West Java, Central Java and East Java
* Sulawesi
* Moluccas (including West Irian / Papua)
* Nusa Tenggara.


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