Tomb Guard Special Forces 7 Days

Tomb Guard Special Forces 7 Days
Pak Harto's Welcome
Indopos, Tuesday, January 29, 2008: Pak Harto, major generals, had a long sleep in his last resting place. Funeral procession conducted with the highest level of military ceremonies. In fact, the funeral procession of the most glorious and most noble that ever existed in this country.

The ceremony was led by President SBY. The high-ranking officer who holds a red flag and white cover of the funeral process, carried out directly by the TNI Commander General Djoko Santoso, Chief of Police General Sutanto Pol, KSAL Laksaman Sumardjono, and Air Force Chief Marshal Subadrio.

Compared to the funeral of former President Sukarno, clearly states that the ceremony is given to Pak Harto greater. Bung Karno's funeral in Blitar only ministerial level, ie General Maraden Panggabean that when it served as minister of defense and security.

Soeharto is buried right next to 'home' final resting his wife, Mrs. Tien Soeharto, who preceded 12 years ago. New Order rulers began to enter the grave accompanied by fire salvo at 12:15. The procession will stretch from the deceased who want enter the grave before 11:00 o'clock.

Molornya cemetery along the road caused the convoy was greeted society. Some people look sawur (throwing) flowers and coins which is a Javanese tradition to release the corpse to the grave.

The funeral at the Astana Giribangun attended by almost all officials. Not only that becomes inpektur SBY, Kalla was also present. A number of former officials in the New Order era, now elderly, such as Bustanul Arifin, Ali Alatas, and Emil Salim should bother to watch the funeral is assisted by a former aide to his boss. A number of friends from abroad, such as former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Prime Minister of Timor Leste Xanana Gusmao was also present.

"Dad ... Dad Farewell, our prayers go with you," said Tutut (Siti Hardiyanti) while sobbing during a speech on behalf of the family. Her sisters fell silent. Mamiek (Siti Hutami Adiningsih) repeatedly wiped tears. Tommy bowed and closed. Most women who meet the cupola of mourners wept.

Soeharto's eldest daughter had requested that the Indonesian people to forgive his father's mistakes. He also thanked to the public and government attention.

However, in a speech that, do not say the prevalence of hope Tutut families who lost relatives. Namely, the request to the general public who have a relationship with the deceased in order to accounts settled with the family.

Yudhoyono who spoke earlier said Soeharto as the father of development. "We have lost one of his best sons of the nation. A loyal warrior, a true soldier, and a distinguished statesman," said SBY. Her expression when delivering the message looks very lost. President's eyes looked teary and her voice trembled.

Circuit funeral procession closed with prayer. Java Pos standing next to the presidential medical team (three meters to the left of the president) to see the doctor to tears. Doctor Mardjo Soebiandono and Dr. Djoko Rahardjo a black suit and wearing a yellow pin doctor mengamini presidency raised two hands.

The high-ranking military delegation which was one meter behind the president also looked solemn. Secretary General of the Department of Defense Lt. Gen. Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin bowed and closed. Armed Forces Headquarters Chief Information Center Young Marshal Sagom Tamboen two cupped palms.

After the prayer, SBY started giving condolences. Activity was followed Kalla, TNI commander, the chief of staff, and the ministers. After that, SBY to leave the location.

Family gives to relatives and acquaintances the opportunity to enter the tomb of the cupola area. Suharto's Mausoleum surrounded gebyok door three feet tall and heavily guarded Special Forces soldiers. Nuclear family wore yellow gold pin in the right chest. Almost all wore shirts with black-and-black motif. When you receive a greeting, an expression of Soeharto children vary.

The mourners are not known to the family in turn is allowed to enter for forty minutes. Different things are done in front of the tomb Suharto citizens. There are pictures taken with camera phones. Some knelt and took the position sungkem (worship). The average mother scrambling jasmine and roses that scent the room. Post Java watched a mother take one flower baskets and stuffed into a large bag he was carrying.

The atmosphere could not order because the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad about to enter. Mahathir did come after the body was interred Suharto (at around 13:10). The people who are forced to queue.

Mahathir had embraced Bambang. In front of his friend's grave, Mahathir's eyes are closed and praying. Then Mahathir waited by sitting outside the cone of approximately 15 minutes. "Losing a great deal," he commented when asked Java Pos. Two Special Forces soldiers swiftly to secure and deliver Mahathir down.

Tommy Suharto's home first. Took his son, Tommy who went out through the east door of the cupola had time to go back through the west door. The reason, his shoes off on the west side. "Thank you, thank you," he said when greeted the mourners who say condolences.

When asked Java Post, Tommy just turned around and did not answer. With signs pointing to Tommy in the cupola, and then fleeing the scene escorted by Kopassus soldiers.

At 14:05 the Cendana family prepared to leave the cupola. Mbak Tutut was in the forefront, followed by another son and daughter. Fence their calves by Kopassus soldiers. Artist Donny koko Kesuma who dressed in blue and wearing cap initiative to open the road. "Please open the road, please ma'am," he said.

The event was attended by thousands of mourners had officially ended at 13:50. But, relatives and children had left the location at 14:10. Five minutes after leaving the family car Giribangun was raining very heavily.

Last night some of Suharto's daughters and held overnight at In Kalitan tahlilan. While Tommy and grandson Ari Sigit Suharto directly back to Cendana. Relatives and domestic teams Cendana some stayed at the Hotel Lor Inn Solo. "I went to Jakarta, sons would follow there as well," said Ari.

Separately, the Commander General of Special Forces Major General Soenarko said, soldiers will still be on alert at Giribangun. "Later in coordination with local military region," he said.

Information from a Special Forces soldier who reluctantly called credentials, an elite corps of the Army was ordered on guard 24 hours up to seven days.

From the observation post during the procession lasted Java, Kopassus very dominant role. Started screening visitors, securing the ring one in the cupola, to escort Cendana family.

Did Suharto favored? Soenarko replied diplomatically. "Kopassus run the command leadership as perfect as possible. We are soldiers, never refusing an order," he asserted. (Rdl / noe / radarsolo / TOF)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008,
Minister of struggling, Pak Try helped Motorcycle taxi

Officials and former officials must race against time to be able to attend Soeharto's funeral yesterday. In addition, the location of Astana Giribangun in height and requires the mourners walk also been a challenge.

After landing at the airport at around 09:00 Adisumarmo, President Yudhoyono and entourage wore a dark suit compact transit-time in Pendapa Karanganyar Regent. They await the arrival of the Hercules aircraft carrying Suharto's body to Solo.

Entourage minister who joined the presidential aircraft Boeing 737-500 of Garuda Indonesia, among others, National Police Chief Pol Gen Sutanto, Cabinet Secretary Sudi Silalahi, State Secretary Hatta Radjasa, Transportation Jusman Syafii Djamal, and Home Affairs Minister Mardiyanto. There were Coordinating Minister for Economy Boediono, Minister of Industry Fahmi Idris, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Purnomo Yusgiantoro, and members Wantimpres Ali Alatas.

Although one group, only the First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, Hatta Radjasa, Sudi Silalahi, TNI Commander General Djoko Santoso, four head of military force, and the Police who accompanied the president with a car.

Other ministers of tourism buses transported. Presidential motorcade arrived at the Astana Giribangun around 10:30. A parking lot is only 50 meters from the cupola Argosari relatively narrow. Just enough for the cars of precedence presidential convoy members. Since it was crowded with thousands of people, the bus carrying the minister was forced to park in the Field Karangbangun, about two miles below the Astana Giribangun.

Enough to climb steep terrain, so that ministers should be taken with a motorcycle taxi to the cemetery entrance. No less than 30 motorcycle taxi were deployed to bring the party's top officials.

From the entrance, party ministers still had to walk up about 300 yards into the parking lot B. Located about 150 meters from the cupola Argosari. However, the journey becomes heavy because of the parking lot of the ministers had to climb about 500 stairs to get to the parking lot A. As a result, almost all the ministers who headed a five-over-looked when it was struggling in the parking lot A. "Well, obviously I'm old," said Purnomo Yusgiantoro, while wiping the sweat that drenched his face and neck.

Aburizal Bakrie who is also the richest man in Indonesia did not escape from its obligations to climb stairs. Because mugginess, Ical-familiar call-and Andi Mallarangeng to remove his jacket.

People close to Suharto, the former head of BKKBN Haryono Suyono, her staff had to be carried up the stairs that can only be passed by two men.

The procession up the steps also must dilakoni Emil Salim, former Environment Minister who has the seven heads and all the minister's wife who came wearing a kebaya cloth. They are repeatedly stopped to draw breath and roll up the cloth along the stairs.

"I came as the Indonesian people. This is proof he (Suharto) is very loving people, so well loved by the people," said Haryono Suyono while arranging panting breath.

The position is important and close relationship with the deceased in the past also seems to be no guarantees Astana Giribangun can enter easily. Former Vice President Try Sutrisno who arrived late (around 13:30 o'clock) to walk from the Market Matesih. The market is located five kilometers beneath the Astana Giribangun.

Since coming to coincide with the dissolution of a state ceremony, a car carrying Mr. Try not to move, although a number of police officers have attempted to vacate the road. Finally Pak Try to walk around 300 meters, before a member of the Police initiative to call a motorcycle taxi to take Pak Try to Astana Giribangun.

"Certainly people feel so sad, sir," exclaimed one resident who saw the former military commander was walking to sneak in between the clamps petakziah introductory cars. (Noe / el)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008,
Finally, Pak Harto Bebar-Right Died

A. Mustofa Bisri

Finally, Pak Harto has really left us. President's longest-ruling Indonesia was already eight times out of the hospital. And the last really horrendous people who ruled for 32 years. Press as if to deliberately bring Pertamina hospital where Suharto was treated, to our homes so we can all go "wait" bit. After that, we all wake up and drove her body to the tomb of a far-distant days had prepared meticulously.

General strongest when the power capable of conjuring many smart people become the ducks, the people's representatives meneluh become mute, and made the press lay down for so long, it turns out, finally just lay helpless, and then surrendered to the angel of death.

We remember Bung Karno, the first president who was also so great, that the gallant to "go to hell" about America, even loudly declared out of the United Nations international agencies, in fact, end up helpless and surrendered to the angel of death.

In addition to the difference when dead-Bung Karno died at age Soeharto, Soeharto died while still in their own day-. Both the first and second presidents, have much in common. They are both long in power, are equally kontoversial-much-hated and loved at the same time together to bring issues that do not complete when he died.

Controversial they may result from too long in power. And they were in power too long, especially because his followers are cowards and ordered. (Remember, once the Assembly's decision to lift Bung Karno lifetime and subsequent decisions that the Assembly continues to encourage Pak Harto).

Regarding the problems that did not complete until both died perhaps because we're not accustomed to dealing with the problem until resolved. Certainly affected their family and perhaps the nation's history.

Waba'du, however, now Pak Harto has really gone and we still do not know exactly, whether he is guilty or not. However, for the careful, especially since Soeharto, Haji Muhammad Soeharto, was a Muslim who believed in the final days, his family and his heirs ought to behave like a family in my area.

In my area, if there is a Muslim or a Muslim dies, the corpse at the time of departure ceremony, usually a family representative told the audience that the presence of the wake: "Deceased was a human being, then if the deceased in his lifetime relationships with their fathers and mothers have error, please be so good as our family fathers and mothers forgive him. If in between fathers and mothers there was a case concerning the rights Adami to be borne by the deceased, if if it can in release dependents, the family is very grateful and thank you. But if not, should immediately contact the families concerned to be resolved with the best and will not be bumps in the Day of Judgement. "

However, as a faithful servant, Soeharto, as the family and anyone who loved him, would have wanted a better life in the hereafter. It's far more important than mere status as high as anything in this mortal world.

Innaa lillahi wainaa ilaihi raaji'uun.

H A. Mustofa Bisri, nanny pesantren Rodlatut Thalibin, Apex

Tuesday, January 29, 2008,
Defended Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew
SINGAPORE - The body of former Indonesian President of the Second H. M. Suharto was buried at Astana Giri Bangun yesterday (28 / 1). Death of former New Order ruler even then reopen the old romance with a number of influential world leaders.

A series of praise and appreciation skated from people who had "close" to him. The great figures of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew said that Suharto was awarded a place worthy of respect in the history of Indonesia.

In a letter addressed to the eldest daughter of Sandalwood, Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana, Lee praised the perseverance in restoring Indonesia's economic downturn in the era of 1965. "For decades, Pak Harto has shown identity as someone who holds to its commitment. Promise always met. He was a man of quiet character, but resilient," said Lee.

Lee who is currently Senior Minister of Singapore from his son's cabinet, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, said the first time met with President Soeharto in 1970. Closeness Lee formed because he served as Singapore's prime minister during the Suharto to power as leader of the New Order since 1966.

Suharto placed his position for almost ten years ago in the midst of a wave of protests and riots that hit Indonesia since the falling value of rupiah which was affected by regional economic crisis. Lee had visited Soeharto, who lay in the Central Pertamina Hospital in Jakarta two weeks ago, before the death of the second RI president's pick on Sunday (27 / 1).

Former Prime Minister (PM), Malaysia's Mahathir Muhammad also described Suharto as a leader and a great world statesman. The man then defend the dynasty that has been adjudged the world as dictatorial and corrupt government.

Mahathir said that the victims of political violence that is estimated to reach 500,000 people is nonsense. "I understand very well with the facts. I know what happened in Indonesia, when it is full of conditions of anarchy. Even so, I knew that Suharto had never ordered the murder," he asserted.

Former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer who frequently criticizes the Father of Development for the negative track record this time appearing with profound condolences. Downer expressed amazement with his strength in leading Indonesia. "I can not be denied, indeed greedy, dictatorial, and has a record of human rights violations that quite a lot. However, it is recognized or not he has great strength as a leader," he said.

Ambassador of the United States (U.S.) in Jakarta, Cameron Hume, praised him as a historic figure who managed to achieve remarkable economic development. But, he added that Suharto's legacy will probably always attached to some controversy. (AFP / BBC / Zul / bad)


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