Country Do not Wash Hands To The Tragedy of 1965

KabarIndonesia-MANY people know, or at least heard or read or see through the film made and aired, and propagated by the New Order government, that at the dawn October 1, 1965, a group of young officers of the Army as Lieutenant Colonel. Fortunately, Colonel A. Brig Supardjo Latief and, through a movement which they give the name of the Movement September 30th, acts of kidnapping and arrest of senior officers who allegedly joined the Army in the organization's "general council" that will do the coup against President Sukarno.

The arrest and abduction which is said to confront the generals to President Sukarno, was berakir with the murder of the Generals, the body was dumped in an old well called Crocodile Hole. Six generals and an officer of the medium becomes the victim of ill-fated night it. General Nasution, who became the major target, managed to escape but his daughter become victims.

On October 1, 1965, Friday morning, Radio Republik Indonesia, Jakarta announced that Lieutenant-Colonel. Fortunately, a regimental commander who became the Barisan Cakrabirawa Presidential Guard, in a movement they call "September 30 Movement", has succeeded in securing the said General Council will carry out a coup against President Sukarno, on October 5, at the time of day Anniversary Armed Forces. Bung Karno could be saved by the G30S.

However, in the afternoon, on October 1 that RRI 65 RRI has announces the publication that can be "captured" again from the hands of President Sukarno had G30S and can be "rescued" by the troops of the Armed Forces.

Before the public knew what was happening, before any in-depth investigation, the Army Strategic Command Headquarters (Kostrad) below Major General. Suharto, through Yoga Sugama Intelnya officer, who had received education CIA/MI-6 G30S necessarily that which is said to try to do the "coup" accused of being masterminded by the PKI, and the "coup" was soon given the name "G30S/PKI". To strengthen the accusations that is not through the examination and proof of this, under the coordination of military circles Kostrad Mayjen.Soeharto crushing motion to introduce the "theory" about the presence of G30S PKI as the mastermind, swiftly taking measures to preserve, spread and extend the theory, engineering and slander about the involvement of the PKI.

Wirahadikusuma Major General Umar, Commander Jaya immediately announced a "curfew" in Jakarta, the mass media are prohibited from sunrise, except the three Army newspaper. News Yudha, Armed Forces and the Fire of Pancasila, which broadcasts news, prepared by the Army / Army Strategic Reserve Command.

Every day, the three newspapers that contain news and lies and slander engineering of "cruelty and inhumanity" of the PKI.

Slander and lies which was broadcast repeatedly by the military and this horn over time is considered as true by the community and serves to negate guilt of the people, if they then engaged to persecute, even kill the creature who was accused of "cruel and barbaric" them. And the issues that developed Suharto was able to nurture et sympathy and strong support of society to the movement he led crackdown.

CIA Report to White House on October 8, 1965, referring to the meeting while the military generals on October 5, 1965, led by General Suharto and General AHNasution. This meeting produced an agreement regarding the implementation of the plan of destruction of the PKI (Robinson p.283n.25). Responsibility for planning and execution of all the ways the military operation was proudly recognized by General Suharto, in his autobiography:

By involving people in the operation to destroy the PKI, Suharto did the ways: identifying G30S with PKI, to deny the humanity of communists; describe them as being ruthless, amoral and atheist; misuse the religious sentiments to incite hatred and the growing number of communists; and moving demonstration demanded the mass closure and / or extermination of the PKI.

It turns out, engineered by Suharto, is very effective once. Fire lit, Blood spill. As already widespread anger and hatred, mass murder happened in a very organized and systematic, in line with the movement RPKAD in Jakarta, led by Colonel Sarwo Edhi Wibowo, who had just graduated from training in Melbourne Australia, which later spread to Central Java, East Java and Bali. Houses and buildings owned by members or alleged communist sympathizers were damaged and burned. The people who accused the communists, were arrested and paraded by demonstrators, and in a state of helplessness, in the midst of mass protest, the victim was stabbed with a sword and killed, the military is just looking and watching. Human-werewolf sanctioned by the military for killing people was not against the alleged communists. Homo homini lopus. (See the film documents the Australian Broad Casting: Riding The Tiger).

People all over Indonesia, incited, armed and provided with various facilities by the military to kill communists. In Java, Bali, North Sumatra, Aceh, West Sumatra, Riau and other areas, tens of thousands of bodies strewn in the streets, floating in almost all the rivers such as the Solo and the Fight and valleys and paya-paya. In Aceh, the heads without bodies on the front line with a stick / bamboo and displayed on display along the road and intersection, are the bodies which had no head, dumped into the rivers with the excuse "not to contaminate the earth Aceh. The river is filled with corpses floating bodies cause people did not dare eat the fish the river for months.

Riau area, a region that had been safe and secure without any problem, people live peacefully, and peaceful, full of friendship helping each other, regardless of religion and political beliefs, did not lag in the flow of systematically blasted and enforced by the military from Jakarta.

"An American Embassy staff in Jakarta to report on the Military-Muslim terror directed against the workers in the vital oil company Caltex:" Muslims and the Agreement with the knowledge of military looting houses in the city of communist and close the buildings are in rural regions. Parties Military raid homes and notify the leadership of the PKI leadership Caltex oil company on October 29, 65, will be military plan, which would round up the members and leadership of the communist workers Perbum, which became the backbone and strength of Riau dipropinsi PKI ". (Mike Head / Marian Wilkinson, Sydney Morning Herald, 20 July 1999).

November 18, 1965, the military, assisted by the mass organizations and local religion, make arrests on those who accused no indication with the PKI, which became members of the organization: Perbum, BTI, Gerwani, SBKB, SBPP, Young People , Lekra, Sarbupri, CGMI, IPPI, Baperki Partindo, etc. SOBSI.

Caltex oil from the area in Rumbai and Pekanbaru and its surroundings, the people who arrested the hundreds amount taken and put into detention camps RTM, Military Detention which was then popularized with the title TPU (Places of Detention General), but heavily guarded by the CPM.

Which were not included in the prison camp, but is considered "no indication" made under house arrest or detention of thousands of the city, and fired from his job.

Nearly a thousand people crammed into the camp prisoners who surrounded high wall with a size of about 50X50 feet, located at the crossroads of Papaya and Semar Road on the south side of Pekanbaru city, every day was busy with men who move around, upset and panic, which did not know why they were arrested and detained, without one and without an arrest warrant. For months they are in custody in the confusion and full of questions.

February 15, 1966, two prisoners in the camp, which is a member of Riau BPH and his brother a member of the PKI leadership Pekanbaru, requested permission for the Camp Commander Lieutenant CPM Wagiran, officers Denpom Company "E" from Pekanbaru Bojonegoro, to be able to go home a few hours visiting the wife who just had a baby boy. Request permission they granted. They are allowed outside the walls with military escorts.

But until the morning, they both did not return to the Detention Camp. Not the next day, the next and the next. They vanished no one knows .............

Start a new chapter in Guantanamo, which is making detainees at night with the excuse "Dibon" for interrogations. One by one the leaders, cadres and party members or organizations who were arrested, "Dibon" gone missing the night and did not know the news story. Retrieval and removal of prisoners has become a terror in Guantanamo. The prisoners, each asking yourself, "am I going to take, when do I get 'Dibon'?" Haunted panic throughout the prisoners.

It was so held for two years. Scores of prisoners 'Dibon' and there was no news story. The last prisoners were taken that night and cut off the AN Ardan, a DEP employee. Inland Fisheries and Kamaludin Sjamsuddin Pekanbaru, a high official of the oil companies Caltex, which was given the task of studying in America from the company, called home and put into Guantanamo. They both "Dibon" night on September 16, 1968, and since it was never returned to the camp, did not know shady vanished ....... Just like Dr. Ibn Santoro who studied in America and was called back to Indonesia just to put them in jail and killed as disclosed in documents Shadow Play movie.

Until now, the remaining prisoners (approximately 300 people) is removed and released from Guantanamo on December 20th, 1977, they were taken at night with the term "Dibon for interrogation" is never found again. That those who are members or leaders of youth organizations of the People, Perbum, Lekra, BTI, SOBSI, SBPP, SBKB, Sarbupri, Gerwani, CGMI, IPPI and CPI etc, namely: 1. Aziz A. Siregar, 2. Abas foreman, 3. Abunandar, 4. A. Kusumitro, 5. Aliusir, 6. AN Ardan, 7. Bachtiar, 8. Dervish, 9. Djasni, 10. Drajad Lubis, 11. Hamdah, 12. Hamlet Nasution, 13. Kambasli, 14. Kamaludin Sjamsuddin, 15. Lukman, 16. M. Bgd. Marajo, 17. Misbah, 18. Misdar, 19. B.A Joseph M., 20. Malanton Simanjuntak, 21. M. Lubis, 22 M. .. Saleh, 23. Muslihun, 24. Nasution, 25. Ngadimin, 26. Ngadibi, 27. Ny. Nasution, 28. Nurdin O, 29. BA Danur Rusli, 30. Suyitno Hadi, 31. Sidi Barabanso, 32. Subekti, 33. Sudibyo, 34 .. Sugimin, 35. Sutan Malano, 36th. Syahruddin Djalal, 37. Sharif, 38. Tampubolon, 39. Zainuddin M, 40. Ahmad Zubir.

Who's who died in prison of malnutrition and sickness, including:

One. Invited, 2. Kartopawiro, 3. Sergeant Mulyono, 4. Nurdin Right, 5. Rajab Siregar, 6. Sudirman and 7. Taufik AN, and dozens more among the hundreds of detainees once "freed" soon died because of pain, sickness and lack of food for the prisoners.

It seems that the detention of political prisoners is a way to kill slowly, as spoken by Suharto to a U.S. Embassy staff, Josepf Lazarsky, Chief Representative of the CIA station in Jakarta, who came to Kostrad and see so many people who were arrested in various places, asking Suharto about the legal process. Suharto replied curtly, "if anyone was arrested later that will continue to feed them?" (See General Suharto Toward power-http: / / modules / wfsection / article.php? Articleid = 76, copied and Maruli 11/10/2005 Compass Tobing, 9 February 2001 - "War of Nerves .. ")

Meanwhile, retrieval and murder of political prisoners, people who were accused and indicated as PKI reziem conducted by the New Order, in some places in the Riau area, are:

* From Bengkalis: Brother Murad who is a Member of Parliament Bengkalis and served as a member of CS-PKI Bengkalis, were taken by motor boat in the entourage of about 50 people. Gone missing and to this day no news story!

* From Exhibit Siapi-fire: Civil Syofyan (PKI), Mr. Syahrudin (PKI), Mr. Anis (PKI), Mr. Syamsul Bahri (PKI) along with his wife, Mrs. Syamsul Bahri (Gerwani), in a group of about 40 people taken away by motor boat to Pekanbaru, but who arrived at Guantanamo Pekanbaru only one.

* From the Straits Length: Brother Dahlan (PKI) and their daughter are Bakr Ibrahim (People's Youth), was brought by ship to Bengkalis in a group 30 people, but until now no news story.

* From Rengat: Mr. Agus Alihamy (PKI), the sister of the brother of Abdullah Alihamy, Chairman of the CDB-PKI Riau, brother of King Abas (PKI), Sister Rubinem (Gerwani Rengat), were taken by truck in an entourage of about 50 people. Gone missing, not known to exist until now!

* From Tembilahan: Civil Assaat and Marsono (PKI), along with 30 people entourage carried in a truck and lost, there is no news after that news!

* From Tanjung Pinang, is not known how many are definitely a cut off or buried at sea, but such is the Civil Sudomo (PKI) and his brother Arifin Tajul (PKI). Tanjung Pinang was one of the S.A. Soetarno, high school teacher Affairs (PGRI), which mutated from Pekanbaru, Pekanbaru and sent back to inhabit the RTM / TPU Pekanbaru.

* From Sand Pengaraian people killed by Suharto's regime because the accused is no indication as PKI is: 1. Aladdin brother Nasution, 2. Kattudin Nasution (CS-PKI), 3. Ilyas, 4. Siddik, 5. Nurdin, 6.Pakso, 7. Amirhamsyah, 8. Aliamron, 9. Amirhasyim, 10. Bacok, 11. Saridin pitcher, 12. Zakaria, 13. Abd. Hasan, 14. Marhanda, 15. Karia, 16. Laham, 17. Kasim, 18. Tengku Prince, 19. Tengku Saleh, 20. Dohim, 21. Daib, 22. Ibrahim, 23rd. Muis, 24. Alikamis, 25. Djalib, 26. Rahman, 27. Metmet, 28. John (a former mosque imam), 29. Sotar, 30. Agus, 31. Sis, 32. Usman, 33. Malim, 34. Egypt, 35. Sinaga, 36. Mhd. Pi'i, 37. Datuk Patih, 38.Marantai, 39. Mhd. Nur, 40. Aminudin, 41. Amat, 42. Mhd. Nasution, 43. Jonah, 44. Cotton, 45. Agus Salim, 46. Mhd. Talib, 47. Kasud, 48. Abdullah, 49. Abd. Aziz, 50. Mhd. Zen, 51. Tamela Rahman, 52. Harun Nasution. [All of the above, 52 names were people who became victims of murder in the District Rambak year 1965/1966 and Beyond (Sand Pengaraian)

In addition, many are forced to accept "quota penalty" that has been prepared and established by the Military Authorities. With bersandiwarakan Mahmilub or Court, party cadres and mass organizations were forced to crouch-dozen years as a political speaker in prison and even executed or died from lack of food.

Alihamy Abdullah, a son who became head of the PKI Riau Riau, the New Order regime brought to trial in Pekanbaru and sentenced to death. He was taken and transferred to the Padang and executed by firing squad in Padang; Mohammad Amin Zein, was tried by Court Order in Pekanbaru, was sentenced to life imprisonment. In the year 1999 was released, but due to threats and intimidation of the New Order regime and his minions, the village community, afraid to take it again. He, who is a former member of the MPR-RI. died in the city of Medan in solitude; Sri Suharjo, was arrested while in Teperda / TPU / RTM Pekanbaru. Once sentenced to life imprisonment by a court Order in Pekanbaru, he moved into the field and serving on the RTM of Padang. Amnesty International Institute for the claim, he was freed by President BJ Habibie, in a state of very old and sickly. Still have time to meet with his family shortly before he died.

In addition. Two youths and a young lady in Pekanbaru on "trial" and sentenced to between 12-17 years in prison. At Bagan Si Api-Api, four youths were sentenced between 10-13 years, where two of them died in prison of malnutrition and illness.

In fact, a second grade high school student in Bagan Si Api-Api, was sentenced to 10 years in prison only because the time to walk to school, met and talked with a young man inquired unfamiliar street names. Presumably the young man was a member of the leadership of the People's Youth. Really, "prison rations" from Ordebaru / Suharto, is very simple and easy to obtain.

Once calculated, all the barbarous killings carried out by the New Order regime of Suharto and his minions in Riau, the amount is less than 350 people. Apparently, the region of Riau, a region that had been safe and secure without any problem, people live peacefully, and peaceful, full of friendship helping each other, regardless of religious and political beliefs, did not lag in the flow of systematically blasted and enforced by the Military / AD Suharto from Jakarta, so like it or not really make it "Bloody Riau."

Two days before Christmas 1965, the Australian Embassy in Jakarta estimates, average, 1500 people have been killed every day since 30 September 1965. 'm Kathy Kadane, States News Service, writing in 1990 in one on the mass killings in Indonesia from October 65-ahkhir January 66, quotes a saying of a great thinker Liberalism Bertrand Russell who said: "... in four months, five times as many people Died in Indonesia as in Vietnam in Twelve years. " (... In four months, the people who were killed in Indonesia, five times in number than those who die in the war in Vietnam for 12 years. ").

He even refers to this mass murder as a very horrible thing that is impossible can be done by humans. (Psychological warfare ... Compass 9 February 2001)

But, nevertheless, the number of evidence and witnesses both within and outside the country that the G30S is a pretext for mass murder Suharto demi raise the level of power, the Government now, especially the elite boss, tend to close their eyes and terlinga by saying that talking about it as "unproductive", "do not want to open old wounds" and so forth, and so forth. (Rakyat Merdeka October 1, 2006).

So, it's very appropriate that in 1965 Murder Victims Research Foundation (YPKP-65) in the public discussion in Jakarta on December 10, 2009 which then, using the theme "Truth Disclosure event in 1965 for Justice for Victims." And we can see that the ex. prisoners who are elderly and frail elderly, in the demonstration carried a large poster that represents their conscience screams: "Countries Do not Wash Hands of Tragedy 1965." We like to congratulate the YPKP-65 for its success in the day to hold public discussions in Jakarta as well as awards to the young generation, younger generation who took an active part in discussion and demonstration activities .***

* This paper (part 2) created to commemorate 45 years (1965-2010) the victims of the Suharto New Order regime in Riau and other areas in Indonesia, and is some evidence, and appealing that "Countries Do not Wash Hands of Tragedy 1965."

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