Astana Giribangun, 3000 Person Or Day

Astana Giribangun, 3000 Person Or Day
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Indopos, Thursday, February 14, 2008: Up until two weeks after Soeharto died, Astana Giribangun, in Matesih Cendana family cemetery, Karanganyar, Central Java, on average, 3,000 people visited each day. The arrival of the pilgrims were given special contribution to the economy of people in the hills where the land is prone to landslides.

Hery Setiawan, Karanganyar

Almost no day without rain in recent days in Matesih. Although the weather was not friendly, visitors to the tomb complex was still flowing. As seen Radar Solo (Java Post Group), in the midst of heavy rain last weekend (9 / 2), the visitors still want to squeeze into the cupola Sari Argo, the location of the body of Soeharto and his wife (Mrs. Tien Soeharto and his family) was buried at Giribangun .

Entering Astana having an altitude of 666 above sea level is not too difficult. Pilgrim's enough to show ID cards to guards Astana. Officers then took names and addresses listed. Armed with a piece of paper permits, visitors can enter into the complex that was built since the 1974's.

Indeed there is no entrance fee. However, Astana manager providing charity box. They may fill in or ignore it. The amount of money was not specified alias voluntary. However, there witnessed Solo Radar pilgrims enter fractional USD 50 thousand to a wooden box.

Once through the gate, the people intercepted two TNI members from the district military command Karanganyar 0727. Origin could indicate permission officers at the entrance, they can proceed to the tomb complex. Not like when Mrs. Tien was not buried (died in 1996), now the society from whatever faction allowed to enter the home dress modestly.

The definition of indecent clothes so it should not be entered, said Ahmad Markusni, one of the employees Giribangun, for example, women who wear shorts. "He was not allowed to enter the Argo Sari by the officers," said Ahmad.

In fact, when entering Sari Argo, there officers to check license and showed the road. Some members of the military in civilian clothes also appeared on guard. While waiting for their turn inside, visitors can enjoy the accessories that are in the tomb complex. Starting mockups Astana Giribangun up big calligraphy from Jepara Faithful Darul Ponpes once awarded to Mrs. Tien Soeharto.

With HP tustel and they bring a camera, some visitors perpetuate themselves in front of the calligraphy. Besides enjoying the accessories in the Argo Sari, some visitors chose to sit in Houses Home surrounding Suharto's grave.

In the main room, visitors can not be longer than five minutes. "Who reads a short prayer (for the late Soeharto) were admitted. However, if the long prayer, welcome outside the main room," said Ahmad Markusni the active ordering visitors that day.

Ahmad admitted, if not disciplined, pilgrims prefer to linger in the main room of the grave. It's certainly disturbing other visitors who also want to pray in front of the tomb second president of the ruling 32 that year.

Not for some time, Chief Manager Daily Giribangun Sari Sukirno come to Argo. He was with three people. All three turned out to delegates from the Cendana family. Two of them named Ria and Frendy. Unlike the other visitors who are limited in five minutes, all three in front of the tomb of Suharto for 15 minutes.

"I come from Jakarta for pilgrimage," he said during a break in Wisma Ria Palereman, next to the mosque complex Giribangun. He along with two guests from Jakarta were treated to hot tea.

Approximately 10 minutes later, before saying goodbye and heading for Solo, Ria asked Sukirno show the number of visitors. From the data recorded in the official entrance to Astana Giribangun, an average of three thousand pilgrims who come each day.

The number of visitors on holidays usually doubled. In fact, on February 7 Lunar New Year holiday and visitor reaches 8 thousand people. They were from various agencies, both from within and outside Java. For example, entourage DPRD South Sumatra, North Sulawesi Parliament, Parliament of Ambon, even the people of Papua.

In addition to record number of visitors, Ria et Cendana family assignment from an inventory of facilities and infrastructure in Giribangun. "We were asked to check the carpet on the Argo Sari. His plan would be replaced because it was dull," says Ria.

According Sukirno, Cendana family members who last came to Giribangun is Siti and Siti Hutami Hedijati, on January 30. After that, no one has emerged. "Including when seven days after the death of Soeharto Cendana family no one present. Until now there is no son or daughter that he is sticking," he said.

How to plan a warning 40 days? Sukirno claimed not to know. Because, until now there is no order from the Cendana family. Nevertheless, routine equipment tahlilan implemented Astana Giribangun community and employees. When fitting gravestone or tombstone at the grave of Suharto, Sukirno also do not know yet. Because, until now he has not received orders.

With an average of 3000 visitors a day, parking revenue that local youth are administered fairly. Car parking charges for motorcycles set USD 1000, USD 5000 four-wheeled vehicles, and buses to Rp 10,000.

About the parking program, plans to bring order Sukirno a motorcycle around the tomb complex. Because, he received many complaints from visitors who are forced to ride motorcycles or wear motorcycle taxi motorbike taxi umbrella. "We will invite them (motorcycle taxi motor and an umbrella) to meet and dialogue," he explained.

Sutiman, one visitor who encountered Radar Solo, admitted disappointment with the motorcycle taxi. Because, he was forced to park the vehicle in the parking lot B. He must not stop parking in front of a tomb. From the parking of B to A, which rose about 100 meters, they are required to use a motorbike taxi with a rate of $ 5 thousand per person.

Really its a motorcycle "blackmail"? Ranto, one General pick-up Delivery, reject it. He said, if all vehicles stopped in front of Astana, parking will be full. Therefore, the capacity is not as wide as a parking lot B. Not to mention if there are guests and officials who came Cendana family, of course make it all hassle. (El)


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