Hindu Buddhist kingdoms

Starting from the 4th century in the kingdom of Kutai in East Kalimantan exactly is the first Hindu kingdom in the archipelago. then development continues between the 7th century until the 14th century, Buddhism, Srivijaya kingdom in Sumatra growing rapidly. I Ching, the explorer of China, visited the capital city of Palembang in the years around 670. At the peak of its glory, the Srivijaya controlled as far as West Java and Estate Melayu Peninsula. 14th century also shows the rise of a Hindu kingdom in East Java, the Majapahit. Between the years 1331 until 1364, Gadjah Mada University, the governor of Majapahit, overran the territory which is now a settled some amount of Indonesia together nearly the entire peninsula Malays. The legacy of the era, including Gadjah Mada inauguration laws and Javanese culture, as seen in the novel Strong Ramayana.


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