Teacher 45 Years, Without a Signs Services

Teacher 45 Years, Without a Signs Services
Unsung heroes. This award is only given to St. Hasiholan Simanullang Gr batch, who has devoted his life for 45 years active as a teacher. Start teaching since the age of 18 years (1946) in the SR Simanullang Toba, Matiti, Doloksanggul, until his retirement as Head of North Sumatra SDN Simanullang Toba two years in 1991. Men who had risen from the dead is also active serving as penetua and pastor at the church for 51 years.

He was a teacher who loves her students. A teacher who never punished his students with violence. Some students have the same age as him. Understandably at that time, there are still dozens of new year-olds a chance to enter public school (Elementary School). While he himself has been a teacher at the age of 18 years, after finishing SGB.

In 1946 he began teaching at the Folk School (SR) Simanullang Toba, Matiti, Doloksanggul, North Sumatra, the only SR in the region at that time. Three years later, he was appointed civil servants. But in recording the decree of appointment listed his date of birth March 2, 1931 from the previous March 2, 1928. That's why he's retiring in 1991.

During his career as a teacher, he only served in three places. Namely, the People School Teacher Simanullang Toba, Matiti, Dolok Creambath, 1946-1963; Head Elementary School Tambok bill, Onan Ganjang, 1963-1967; and Head of Public Elementary School 2 Simanullang Toba, Pearaja Matiti, Dolok Creambath 1967-1991. He helped pioneer the establishment of primary schools in Sosortambok, District and Village Onan Ganjang Pearaja Matiti, and Hutagurgur Village, District Doloksanggul. He is head first in the SDN SDN SDN Simanullang Sosortambok and Toba 2, Pearaja Matiti. Until retirement (1991), he was retained to serve in this SDN Simanullang Toba 2, at the request of the local community.

Senior Pastors

Friendly man who greeted his Companions, Teachers batch, who at the age of five have died during kl 18 hours but rose again from the dead, was also devoted himself in service at the church for 51 years. Starting as a penetua active since 1957 in the church district Kristen Batak Protestant (HKBP) Hutagurgur, Doloksanggul, until 1972. Then become penetua in Protestant Christian Church of Indonesia (GKPI) Hutagurgur, Doloksanggul, 1972-1978.

Then for 17 years serving as the district Teacher (Senior Pastors) Protestant Christian Church of Indonesia (GKPI) Hutagurgur, Doloksanggul, 1978-1995. Actually the work of a pastor is limited to two periods (2 x five years), but by urging members of the congregation, he 'forced' to serve as pastor for three more two-year period.

Members of the congregation then gave up his retirement, with expectations still actively serving as a senior penetua, especially in the ministry of preaching and as an advisor.

Hope this congregation met until the end of his life. Throughout his life, including after he retired as pastor, he spent no day for worship, especially on the day of worship Sunday. In the last three years, although his health had begun to decline and sometimes suffered asthma relapse, every day of the week he always appeared healthy, especially when it's time he was on duty serving as a preacher.

Often members of the congregation worried lest she was unable to rise off the podium when appearing as pongkhotbah. But what is feared never happened. In fact he was still able to preach loud every time even though the day Saturday, the day before, she was still lying listless in bed due to asthma disease relapse. Quite often members of the congregation to tears when hearing him preach.

He's a very humble, very simple. Very patient, almost never angry. He was not happy to hear someone speak ill of others. According to, admission, from childhood to old age, he never wanted to fight, although he was often hurt other people. He never wanted to be a wolf, but he always wanted to be a lamb among wolves.

To sons-daughters and grandchildren-great-grandson, she was always taught to make life simple and always depend on God. "I did not bequeath property to you. But I pass on the word of God, that you will still persevere in the truth of God's word," he said.


Many interesting stories throughout his life. One of them is the story of his death at the age of five years (1933). At that time he fell ill and was declared dead over 18 hours. This morning at dawn she had mourned her mother Sofiana Boru Purba, because it was our last breath. No longer breathing and pulse. His father, King Cyrus Simanullang, also crying hysterically because her beloved son died.

Understandably, long enough to wait Sofiana King Cyrus and his first son was born. New batch of four older sister was born after the first birth. For the Batak, the son of (male) is the successor of the lineage. So when Ucok batch is born, King Cyrus and Sofiana, held a big party by cutting beef (sigagat duhut), invited the king of indigenous clans and anesthesia in Sihutinghuting, Saitnihuta, Doloksanggul. (In the Batak indigenous traditions, particularly at the time, do not arbitrarily cut the bull (sigagat duhut) when the child was born. It must be approved by the king of custom and anesthesia. This also has consequences for the conductor of a celebration, a celebration-a celebration that is in the next, such as marriage and customary died, should be higher than before).

So when the batch, kesayanganya child, died, King Cyrus and Sofiana very sad. All family and friends come crying that her beloved son's body. The church bell was also rung a sign of death. The casket was also made complete with a winding sheet, shroud deliberately chosen the best at that time (1933).

When all the families and relatives wept, the father of King Cyrus Simanullang, actually go into the cubicle house: Pray and read the Bible. To relatives that the funeral, she stated her son would not die. "He will live again," she cried hysterically, repeatedly. While his father kept praying and Bible reading. King Cyrus has a New Testament Bible that was copied with his own handwriting.

However, the people around him thought that his father had gone mad: Bibelon! (The term for someone who is considered crazy because there are too many to read and understand the Biblical one). Because deemed insane, his father actually had accidentally locked the cubicle alone. It's crazy. Bibelon!

Then when the father was alone praying in his chambers, all the funeral, like a five-year-old child died, was performed. It remains to be buried, besides forbidden by his father, also because there is demand for the mother to wait Amangborunya (Husband of the father's sister) who lived in Pakkat Dolok. Amangborunya (Ancient Clan) is very dear and close to the boy's batch. Amangborunya, at the time, was not in the house (the village). Thus, until 15:00 o'clock am, still not buried, but heard the news, Amangborunya already coming.

Lucky, not buried. When the father got up from the booth solitude, he asked the opened door, then batch that went to his son lying stiff in a coffin wrapped in the shroud, and lifted his hand, staring into the prayer: "Lord Jesus, raised my sons, like Lazarus!"

Suddenly the boy's eyes blink batch. Then looked at the father who was standing in front of her and her mother who was crying beside him. The father picked up, hugged and kissed him, as he repeatedly praised the greatness of God. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

The atmosphere was an uproar. It's a miracle. Batch was resurrected from the dead. King Cyrus was not crazy, not bibelon. Funeral (death) turned into joy (the resurrection of the dead). King Cyrus was singing spiritual songs repeatedly, followed by all present: Sai tu Solhot SilangMi (On Foot up your cross).

Meanwhile, the long-awaited Amangborunya, arrived with two packs of bread marie in her hand. From a distance, he had to bawl. But the crying suddenly stopped when she saw her niece (His Parkman, batch, have been living back in the arms-in-law (King Cyrus).

This story is real in society Saitnihuta, Doloksanggul. Batch was then in good health in the care of his parents. Before the batch to be a teacher, he had followed his father, the salt trade. At that time salt was taken from Barus steep path through Pakkat. At that time, batch still wearing winding sheet, which made pants and shirts. Kala's shroud was damaged. While the coffin was the first day were burned, dumped his grave at the same time (diuruk) again until blended.

Batch also grew as a child and teenager who was raised in her religious experience. He was taken by his father moved to the Village of Saitnihuta Hutagugur at the age of 10 years. Here he grew into adolescence and adulthood. Cyrus King family's arrival in the village is not the will of the planned, but for the sake of upholding the truth. At that time, six close relatives family semarga, pomparan (descent) Ompu Panuturi King, was expelled with slander begu ganjang (witches) from the village. But King Cyrus suspect there is jealousy and hidden intentions to take over all six family fortune, his brother.

King Cyrus who is domiciled in another village, his brothers would not be treated as such. He tried to prevent violence and inhumane expulsion to his brothers that. But he was not authorized to stem the anger of local people to force: They have to move!

In such a frantic atmosphere, King Cyrus always pray to perform in front of defending the truth. He wisely reported it to authorities (the Dutch) and penetua and consultation with local residents. He asked that his brothers safety is assured. Then, he needs a move to equip all his brothers to Sidikalang, until they too can have a house and land at the new place. Commensurate with that, his brothers were handed over ownership rights and control of all property, especially land, their heritage in the village. (His brothers live in prosperous and peaceful Sidikalang, his descendants have become ministers, officials, doctors and others).

After the death of his brothers, King Cyrus really understand the position they are new and 'alone' in the village. He did not want to be treated like brothers and sisters. So he asked the government to intervene, provide collateral for its presence in the village.

Initially, the family of King Cyrus, almost isolated in the daily interactions and customs in the village. However, King Cyrus and her family and their workers to work more diligently and perform service in the House Bolon (Batak Big House), which was built in the village. The name of the hamlet that he described as Pansinaran na Uli (Held traditional ceremonies for the inauguration of the village). In addition to working diligently, with dozens of workers, three people later became law, the family of King Cyrus was always faithful to worship at the House Batak.

Until a few years later, there was a famine (haleon) in the area. Some residents then approached the family. Because in the fields and villages of this family a lot of supply of food, like rice, sweet potatoes and manioc (cassava), gundur and jelok (pumpkin) and various kinds of other fruits.

First they arrived at the service which regularly held every week in Ruma Batak (home without booth). Every completed service always held a banquet. Participants may also take the fruit of devotional hand various fruits that are in the yard of the township's Pansinaran. (As is usual at that time, built walls and bamboo trees planted around the village).

This family brought a new religious atmosphere in the village. At that time there are still many who do not yet know Christ in that region. Most still hold animist beliefs, religious traditions of the Batak (Parmalim) and some Muslim. (In 1972, at the highest point, hill, hamlet Pansinaran, then standing church building in which the teacher GKPI batch became pastor for 17 years).

At home the new arrival families, regularly performed the service (partangiangan). Many people who know Christ through worship in this house. Including adolescent girls Ame Nurianna br Situmorang, the daughter of a merchant Tumbur Situmorang / Br Simanullang, a Parmalim which at that time had embraced Islam, who later became his wife dipersunting batch.

Merchant Family Tumbur Situmorang (Ompu Marolop) is inhabiting a neighboring hamlet hamlet Parmonangan Pansinaran. Merchant Family Situmorang, whose home bertangga cement, it later became a close friend of the family of King Cyrus. Until the end, batch, son of King Cyrus was married to Ame Nurianna, daughter of Merchant Tumbur Situmorang, 1950. Blessed with 12 children (7 sons, two died as children, and five daughters).

Batch nurtured in an atmosphere that's become an almost religious people never think about worldly wealth, until he reached the age of 80 years.


Teacher batch, intimate calls from his colleagues, Ompu Manage Doli, degree days old, died peacefully in the arms of his wife, Ame Nurianna Br Situmorang (degree Ompu Manage Boru), Thursday, January 17th, 2008 at 9:30 pm. Died while hospitalized over a month in the RSU Doloksanggul due to asthma. When he died, his descendants numbered 61 people, including two great-grandson of a ninny named Asasira (grandson of his first son) and one nono named Daniel (grandson of his first daughter). Great-grandson (nini) new born in Jakarta on December 18, 2007, exactly one month before he died.

The funeral, in accordance with its message, more filled worship ceremony. Among other services (witness) family, and public worship. Worship event (witness) lasted family solemnly marked the accompaniment Ende Solhot Sai tu SilangMi 449 and 368 Church Song On Foot up your cross. Also worship by the Church Church and worship by HKBP Hutagurgur Potestan Indonesian Christian Church on Sunday afternoon January 20, 2008. And disposal services at the church GKPI Hutagurgur (January 21, 2008), where he served for 17 years as pastor (teacher district).

Then buried in Family Cemetery Robinson Ompu Halomoan Binsar Village Hutagurgur, Doloksanggul District, district Humbang, North Sumatra Province, on Monday, January 21, 2008.

In addition to church services filled ceremonies, funeral ceremonies are also filled with Gondang sabangunan Indigenous Saurmatua paired flutes and brass music (modern music). Saurmatua worship and the customary ceremony takes place from Thursday, January 17 until Monday, January 21, 2008 in Hamlet Pansinaran, Village Hutagugur, Doloksanggul. This includes a brief ceremony than usual ceremonial other saurmatua in Tapanuli, which often must be for seven days.


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