Dengue Sampit

Beginning of the riots:

Ethnic riots erupted in Sampit since the assassination of several residents of Madura in the housing complex is located in the northern suburbs Sampit conducted by a group of provocateurs paid by each of the two local government officials and Forest Service Sampit. The incident occurred a week at midnight (Saturday night 02/17/2001) at around 23:00 pm when the victim was sleeping soundly. Madurese citizens residing in terkejud events and emotions surrounding the bait because they feel in danger and being he attacked by a group of Dayaks, and they take vengeance until Have dane clashes which claimed dozens of casualties. With this event residents do not stay silent dayak them directly establish murder and arson against houses of Madurese people.

On Sunday morning I was contact via telephone to an aunt and uncle who live on the street S. Parman Sampit inquire about these events and their effects on society in general Sampit city. Aunt even mediocre and does not have estimates that the clashes will spread, even he says "it's okay and safe, because there are events in the suburbs" he emphasized. At the same day that contacted a close friend who was on the street Sampit Samuda asked about the incident. He also answered in tune with the answer to my aunt. In the Morning day, I did contact again to her uncle and Answers not much different from yesterday answers. Unlike my friends who answer contact on that day, he said the state of emergency and widespread riots and there was an additional victim of the two parties. On Tuesday, do contact me back, but the phone had no answer. Then my friend Call in-law's house and by chance he had been hiding in there and he Said that situation is very tense because of a Dayak people came from all directions at once and the hinterland of Central Kalimantan and overwhelmed officials could not stem the flow of their be shut in. Madurese people who are not conscious and did not expect that they will eventually be cleaned from Sampit frenzy and panic, because it was attacked by a Dayak complete with various sharp weapons. So victims were lay without a head falling on houses and on the streets every corner of the town of Sampit. Dayak people doing large-scale swepping to all houses without exception and kill every person who is suspected of Madurese regardless of gender or age. So residents of Madurese who stuck siege Dayaks and could not evacuate themselves were soft targets brunt tobak and saber.

Before the ethnic Dayak attacks they gathered together to strive and vow to scrape out the ethnic Madurese from Kal-Teng, which started from Sampit.

For morale mengobar Dayak, Dayak The provocateurs to spread hatred among them against the people of Madura. They said: "Citizens must be abolished from Madura, Kal-Teng, so that no power in the ethnic Madurese Kal-Teng".

The latest information (early Monday morning 25 / 2) which I received from the district. Samuda (40 km from Sampit) Madurese residents said that erosion is happening right now in the capital of Palangkaraya city and its surroundings.

Dayaks in doing have no sense of humanity not enough to spend the lives of innocent Madurese, but set fire to houses, business places, mosques, educational institutions, Moslem-boarding schools and others built by the Madurese .

Sampit bloody tragedy was the aftermath of the tragedy of sambas with careful planning.

Since Sambas erupted inland Dayak people have been holding talks to take the offensive against the ethnic Madurese. This was revealed from the description of my sister in law - but by chance a bloody Dayak ancestors had converted to Islam - to work as food merchants who every day back and forth into the hinterland of Central Kalimantan (Rantau Pulot and surroundings). Sister in law is often put forward the reasons that these plans should the abort, because according to him, the Madurese are good people and some among them who do evil things like other tribes, he said. In fact, he himself admitted that his wife comes from a good family of the Madurese. However, the Dayaks are still at its inception and said that they will not disturb his wife. About Dayat evil plans are often expressed by my brother-in-law to our family. A few days before the riots erupted Sampit my sister in law came home from the outback soon Kal-Teng with menyarter speed board and leave the countryside to preach kiloton be evil plans and my brother in law Dayak menyerankan to the whole family to sell the property may be sold before the event occurs, but families did not heed such advice.

Before the incident erupted Kerengpangi (some [pa Sampit weeks before the event) was santar issue that the Dayaks would attack the Madurese, and the issue intensively because  my dad's friend who is also a former member of the regional House of Palangkaraya often instruct and advise if there will be Dayak attacks then my family should take refuge in his house in Palangkaraya. It also strengthens the tragedy Sampit perencenaan before erupting.

Two days After Tragedy Sampit erupted Dayaks from different directions and remote hinterland of Central Kalimantan, in waves and flooding the city in droves to do destroy Sampit of ethnic Madurese. This is a real indication of the evil planning.

Tragedy And when news spread to every corner Sampit, attacks on the ethnic Madurese in remote-Lancaster Village them, up to hundreds of victims. Therefore it is not wrong to mention the various madia the death toll of more than 200 people. The actual death toll is much greater than expected, because many of the Madurese are spread in various districts and in remote corners of the district. East Kotawaringin as farmers and farm, and they did not escape the rampage targets the Dayaks.

One day after the outbreak of Dengue Sampit Dayak community in Palangkaraya demonstrative demand that the local government to expel all the ethnic Madurese from the province of Kal-Teng.

The authorities did not act decisively against troublemakers.

Police and army troops are stationed in Sampit cowardly act does not even provide protection to the Madurese. This is evident from their inability to stem the flow of the rioters came flooding Dayak Sampit city and let them do sweeping home-house and take out the soul of each person who allegedly from the ethnic Madurese, regardless of whether it was a baby, jumpo person, male or women. Even attacks that Escalate to various districts and corners very easily done by the rioters Dayak no prevention efforts or the assertiveness of the apparatus. Beritindak authorities should firmly against any rioters who enter the territory of their duties indiscriminately. Even the lack of stress apparatus rose with the release of dozens of prisoners seemed Dayak ethnic rioters and let them join the other rioters to murder. And the ambush and murder not only in the town of Sampit in concentration course, even in the city since the riots erupted simultaneously Sampit in other sub-districts made the same attack, and freely without any act of prevention and assertive of their forces to kill and mengahncurkan all property and homes the ethnic Madurese. Yesterday (Sunday, 02/25/2001) my telephone contact with one of the ethnic population of Banjar in Sampit to get the latest on the city Sampit Beside the man gripping Give Information that Sampit The refugees who took refuge in the surrounding regional government offices sedah food shortages and has many victims who fell dead of starvation. Meanwhile, rioters continued to flood flows Sampit and they entered the attack to the district. Samuda 40 km. From Sampit that there are ethnic Madurese people scattered in a very large quantity estimated at more than 1000 households. While hiding place atrau FUNCTIONING there does not exist. And vandals had done over there without any destruction apparatus that prevents or act decisively against them. Even the largest pesanteren Kec. This-which is also where I first nyantri-have disintegrated. None of the ethnic Madurese rumapenduduk but battered to death. And from Beside that I get from this ethnic group in district Banjar (early today, Monday 26 / 2) that the mob had reached the village Parebok dayak (Kec. Samuda), and there they had a fight and there was a victim of the two sides. Because of the rioters are not capable, then again two Dayak sending trucks to the village, and ultimately they can break the resistance of ethnic Madurese.

Dayak ethnic rioters from those using the red badge on the head, hands and spears they carry.

Evacuation or expulsion?

The government's insistence that the local Dayak ethnic Madurese expelled from the Kal-Teng said, they do continue to voice their demands for Kal-Teng police chief resign and be replaced with another, eventually instructed the police chief of all the staff of the Sampit and urged the District to immediately flee into the ethnic Madurese in Madura safety reasons. Even in Kuala Wasters Kapolsek very ketakuatan when he heard an order from his superiors to make them immediately to evacuate and evacuate the ethnic Madurese from Kuala Wasters (district capitals. Seruyan 150 km downstream from Sampit) to java. Even in Palangkaraya alone made the ethnic Madurese refugees to Banjarmasin after scare them.

Sampit riots nuanced religious sentiment and the Dayak community as a means to an end.

Madurese people living in Kal-Teng since fifty years ago and peaceful coexistence with the local ethnic (Banjar and Dayak), no perselisahan among them so they live as the locals like. Keharmunisan relationship between two parties and it seems increasingly clear with the increasing number of married cross (Dayak-Madura, Madura-Banjar) among them. So do not be surprised if Muslim men from marrying women Dayak ethnic Madurese ethnic origin or otherwise. Criminality in the form of murder, gambling and theft carried out by various ethnic groups not only from the ethnic Madurese, which often happens is that even among the ethnic Madurese murder itself was not among the ethnic Madurese with other ethnic groups. Then why the riots took place and even riots in Sampit provoked by two civil servants are non-Islamic religion? Then why arson and murder done to all the ethnic Madurese people indiscriminately? Why are the mosques, Islamic schools, houses of innocent citizens madurese Kia even Madura dihabisin origin? Do not we know that many boarding schools in the Kal-Teng was founded by the Madurese, even boarding schools are owned by residents of Madura terbesarpun? Why are the ethnic Madurese target? A Doter-now serving at one famous hospital in Jakarta, who also serves as the da `I during his period in Central Kalimantan (Kuala Wasters and Pangkalanbun) in a few years ago, said that the tribe is a tribe of Madura is the weakest in Kal-Teng. They have no organizational ties or a container community of ethnic Madurese, because they already feel a part of the original inhabitants of Kalimantan, so they merged with the Communities component decays there. On the other hand they are a memperbengkak komonitas komonitas number of Muslims Kal-Teng, bringing the total number of Muslims Kal-Teng reach over 80%. Namu immej who leveled the surface is that the people of Islam in the Kal-Teng is a resident menoritas, because the important agencies in local government controlled many non-Muslims (Christians Dayak). Christianizing efforts in Kalimantan is very slow and may be regarded as a failure. The Dayak mesionaris finally chose as targets and tools to achieve goals. Dayaks who had converted to Christianity dikader to play a role in the process of Christianization and rid the people of Islam or at least, away from generations of Islamic moral values of Islam. For example, Kec. Downstream Seruyan (Kuala Wasters) a majority of 96% of the population are Muslims, which consists of various ethnic Banjar, Madurese, Dayak and Bugis. Its location is very strategic, because it is a transit city for inland areas. In the district. This former brothel no place, no place of gambling, no liquor retail outlets and no church. However, after the position is held by a helper Regents of the Dayak ethnic Christian whose wife is a missionary, the church Founded, organized prostitution and gambling, liquor sales license is given (to the Chinese descent), which resulted in the destruction of good character even has a lot of local generation invited numerous protests from local community leaders. In fact, after its term ended he chose to become a stap from the move from Kuala Wasters and became patron places such vices. Worse, when the streets of Kuala Sampit-Wasters can dioprasikan, the person is trying to open a new brothel in km. 7 near the village of ethnic Madurese despite loud protests waged by the village heads and local community leaders. He even offered a Kijang car to head home village allowed the plan. He sarcastically said "People do not like the saints Madura crowd!"

When SMU NI Wasters Kuala Dayak headed by Christians, many high school kids who go to school in a state of intoxicated (drunk). They were eventually driven out by Muslim teachers. But Kep. Sek. Prohibit actions that teachers and she told them "let them get drunk home school!".

Madurese living in Kalimantan-Central (as well in other areas) none of them are not Muslim and they have an important role in strengthening the position of Islam in Kalimantan. This was evidenced by mosques and Islamic schools and madrassas that they have built. In fact, for the majority of Kal-Teng Founded by the ethnic Madurese boarding schools, even the largest in any Sampit and in Palangkaraya pesantren led by the ethnic Madurese, which is now sold out diamuk ethnic Dayaks.

For those who still adhered to the Dayak community Kaharingan trust (19%) (Animesme) religious difference is not really a problem and they never fidgety with the development of Islam in Kalimantan, because it is the ethnic Madurese and other ethnic groups have never bothered them, and if they convert to Islam rose because of their willingness. But with different ethnic Dayak already dikader become missionaries by the Protestant Batak in the interior. Christian Dayak is used as smitten by them to achieve their objectives. To achieve these objectives, the Association was formed as Community Dayak Dayak container strength. Therefore, when timeng time to plan the plots, the community of Christian Dayak dayak Animesme and gather into a strength.

Regional Autonomy kekhatiran Menimbukan Christian Dayaks.

Recently I contacted a friend of Samuda (early Monday morning 25 / 2) that the issues they spread among the Dayak ethnic expand and to strengthen jiw instilled a fighting spirit and a deep hatred against the ethnic Madurese are "concerns that local autonomy is already running, then the ruling is the ethnic Madurese. "If we do not eliminate the ethnic Madurese dilkuasi them then we will." So now it happens in Palangkaraya what happened in Sampit and now they began to move into the district. Western Kotawaringin (Pangkalanbun and surroundings). And they instructed the Dayak rioters to burn every house and other buildings which allegedly belong to ethnic Madurese who have left its inhabitants fled.

Though there Madurese ethnic majority are farmers and gardeners, and very few of them are in Government and who become entrepreneurs.

APPEAL and invitation:
Through this paper we call for the people of Central Kalimantan:

   One. The government must immediately stop the killing and extermination of the Muslim Madurese in Kal-Teng.
   2. Urged the authorities not acted firmly biased or be a coward.
   3. Calls upon the Government to provide food and health assistance to the refugees who nearly tens of thousands of lives.
   4. Appeal to human rights NGOs to immediately conduct investigation against human rights violations in Sampit.
   5. Urging the Government and law enforcement authorities to immediately prosecute Sampit provocateur who masterminded the riots.
   6. Appeal to the leaders of political parties and leaders of Islamic organizations to Government urged to stop the unrest in the Kal-Teng and act decisively.
   7. Inviting Muslims everywhere to immediately conduct a defense to the brothers who believe that now is being exterminated by the Christian Dayaks and its supporters.
   8. Tabligh Akbar called for held for preaching what actually is happening to Muslims in the Kal-Teng Madura.

This paper was written with honestly by
H. Musthofa Aini. Lc. Graduate Student in one of the UNV. Islam in Jakarta.
Sampit original residents of the Madurese.
The author continues to make direct contact every day to the various ethical (Banjar and Javanese) at Sampit to ask for updated information about the riot.
The author also returned from Sampit few weeks ago before the tragedy Sampit erupted.


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