Gresik History

In the days of the Majapahit Kingdom exactly Gresik 11th century had become a fairly large commercial airports. The experts also acknowledged Gresik history as an old trading town. Gresik, as well as start spreading the Islamic religion that has been proven through the inscription on the tomb of Fatimah Bint Learn numbered from the year 1082 AD Maimun

As the bustling city of Bandar visited merchants both from Chinese, Arabic, Gujarati, Calicut, Siam, Bengali, Campa, and others, the scholars, traders most active role in economic activity. Among the scholars who was well respected trader of Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Ali Hutomo or Raden Raden Pandita, Nyai Ageng Pinatih, and Sunan Giri.

Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim, who was dubbed the Islamic pioneer of Java is also a carrier and spread Islam with Fatima bint Maimun.

Sunan Giri in recorded history in the book Van Geschieden Indonesia, Dr. H. J. de Graaf wrote: "... Then came time for King Satmata Claims yourself to the World. He is based in the hills near Gresik and became the most famous people of Sunan Giri Sunan that there ... "

Coronation as King of Sunan Giri Giri Kedaton with King Satmata degree can be interpreted as a milestone in the history of the birth of a new government in the kingdom dynasty Kedaton Giri. These have become the foundation anniversary of the establishment of the town of Gresik on the consideration of past history study, namely at the date of March 9, 1487 M or coincide with the date 12 Rabi-Beginning 897 H.

As an "Imperium Power" Kingdom Giri Kedaton even switch from one dynasty to another dynasty. Sunan Giri (1487 AD), Sunan Dalem, Sunan Sedomargi, Sunan Giri Kedaton Prapen until the last dynasty Prince Singosari (1743 AD) is a series of empires which had been instrumental in building the Kingdom of the government stake in Giri Kedaton.

Giri Kedaton in the End dynasty rule does not mean necessarily empty Gresik government. As the area "strategic" for the sea trade Gresik very attractive to "other authorities". Through the hands of Kyai Tumenggung Poesponegoro Gresik regency-style government of Mataram / Dutch pioneered. Poesponegoro which is the Regent Tandes / Gresik who subsequently built the first empire hereditary powers in Gresik. Style of the royal government is very strong with the two positions Regents, the Regents and Regent Kasepuhan Kanoman.

Originally the district was named in Surabaya, but entered the implementation of PP No. 38 Th. 1974 AD, all government activities began to gradually - gradually moved to Gresik and then changed its name to The Regency of Gresik in Gresik activity center.


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