Autumn persecuted G-30-S/PKI

Sutoyo Siswomiharjo (1922-1965)

Major-General TNI Sutoyo Siswomiharjo posthumously awarded as revolutionary heroes. Former IRKEHAD Kebumen birth, August 23, 1922, was killed at Crocodile Hole, Jakarta, October 1, 1965 as a victim in the event of 30 September Movement / PKI.
Army Lt. Gen. Agus Widjojo his father was buried in the TMP Kalibata, Jakarta.

Sutoyo Siswomiharjo HIS taste education and AMS in Semarang. Then continued his studies at the Institute for Civil Education in Jakarta. Before becoming a soldier, served as an Officer Sutoyo Medium / III in Purworejo district.

Duties as a military struggle for independence began when in 1945. Sutoyo Regiment Organization Head II PT (U.S. Army) Purworejo with the rank of Captain (1946). Later became Chief of Staff CPMD Yogyakarta (1948-1949). In 1950 Major Sutoyo I served as Battalion Commander of CPMs and CPM V Danyon 1951.

Then in 1954 served as Chief of Staff MBPM until the end of 1954. Starting in 1955 as Pamen seconded SUAD I with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the year 1956. Since this year was appointed Assistant ATMIL in London. Once back in the homeland and the completion of education course "C" courses there in 1960. In 1961 was promoted to colonel and served as IRKEHAD. In the year 1964 is upgraded to the rank of Brigadier General.

Toward the rebellion G 30 S / PKI, which turned out to kidnap and kill him, Mr. Toyo, call familiar, experienced some things that felt uncomfortable as the hot air even though air conditioned space. But in the midst of feeling uncomfortable, he ordered to make Armed Forces Day commemoration plans October 5, 1965 to his aides carefully.

Hunch that proved to 04:00 hours on October 1st Army Brig Sutoyo kidnapped and murdered by a mob G 30 S / PKI. As for the charge of kidnap gangs Sutoyo Siswomiharjo Brigadier General, led by Sergeant Major of Men Cakrabirawa Surono with strength 1 (one) platoon. With bayonets robbery, they asked the waitress to hand over the key door to the middle room. After the door was opened by Brigadier General Sutoyo, the PFC Sumardi pratu Suyadi and went into the house, they said that Brigadier General Sutoyo called by the President.

Both men were carrying Brigadier General Sutoyo out of the house to the yard door delivered at Serda Sudibyo. Flanked by Serda Sudibyo and Pratu Sumardi, Brigadier General Sutoyo walked out the yard next to leave the place to be brought to the Crocodile Hole, persecuted fall outside the bounds of humanity by the band of G 30 S / PKI. (Source: Mabesad) e-ti

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