People's First Presidential options

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Here it is the President of the Republic of Indonesia's first direct result of people's choices. Academy graduates (1973), which is familiarly called SBY and nicknamed 'General Thinking', this attractive calm, dignified and meaningful and systematic spoken. He absorbed the aspirations and conscience of the people who want change are the key to his victory in the presidential election second round 20 September 2004.

Paired with Muhammad Jusuf Kalla as Vice President, alloy adumbrate offers courses providing security, justice and prosperity to the people. The pair won a majority of Indonesian people (count while 61 percent), ahead of Megawati Sukarnoputri couples - KH Hasyim Muzadi.

Enampilan popularity with a calm and dignified and meaningful words said and systematic SBY has led to the top position of national leadership. Start prominent public appearances since served as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Territorial (1998-1999) and the flying while serving as Minister Polsoskam (Government of President KH Abdurrahman Wahid) and the Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs (Government of President Megawati Sukarnopotri).

When reform began to roll, SBY still serves the caster of the Armed Forces. At the beginning of reform, the TNI is blasphemed the finish. At that time, the figure of SBY increasingly prominent as a general who Thinking. He understands that developed in the public mind and not blindly defend the institution. "Blasphemy against the TNI in my opinion could not be separated from the format of the New Order's political and military role of the time," he said. So, People of Indonesia Dotcom dubbed as the 'pearl in the mud'.

Many people are becoming interested in the military figure this one. At the time of military institutions and personnel-military personnel hated and cursed, the figure actually sticking out like a grain of SBY jewel in the mud. (Similar to the experience of General Suharto, when six Army generals were kidnapped in the incident G-30-S/PKI, 'the smiling General of' was successfully performed as a 'rescue the country' and led the republic for 32 years. Sweetheart, then this five-star general trapped in a feudal culture and militaristic leadership. Experience this Soeharto, would be useful as a teacher is best for the national leaders of this country).

Best Graduates

Who Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who managed to reach the conscience of people's vote choice in the era of reform and democratization?

Retired four-star general, was a handsome and intelligent, this is the only child of the couple R. Soekotji and Sitti Habibah. Decreased from the warrior blood of his father R. Soekotji who retired as a First Lieutenant (Peltu). While his mother, Sitti Habibah, daughter of one of the founders Ponpes Tremas, pushing it to be a devout follower of Islam. In her soul flowed thick military religious.

In addition, the best graduates of Military Academy (Akmil) force in 1973, it also has a line of blue blood, as a descendant of Javanese royalty that flows from two directions and culminate in the Majapahit and Sultan Hamengkubuwono II. Paternal grandfather, named R. Badjuri priest, was the son of the marriage Kasanpuro (Naib Arjosari II - blue blood Majapahit) and RM Kustilah (as a derivative of the five breeds Sultan Hamengkubuwono II RA Srenggono real name). Even in the complete pedigree, Yudhoyono also has lineage from Pakubuwono.

Although SBY was an only child, he lived with the concern and hard work. At schools in the People's School Gadjahmada (now SDN Baleharjo I), SBY to live with his uncle, Sasto Suyitno, when the village headman Ploso, Pacitan. When the SR has been prominent achievements.

In the process of disciplined hard parenting, childhood and adolescence, SBY is also refining and distributing talent as a writer of poetry, short stories, plays and players band players.

Strapping men who have heights of about 175 cm, birth Pacitan, East Java, September 9, 1949, was pleased to take part in arts such as painting, playing a role in the theater and puppet people. Several works of poetry and short stories could be sent to a children's magazine at the time, for example to Kuncung Magazine. While the band still playing activities carried out up to level one Army Academy as the holder of the bass guitar. Occasionally also writes poetry.

In addition to art, he also liked the world of sports like volleyball, she was happy traveling, whether on foot, cycling or riding. While the martial sports are still actively carried out.

His determination to become soldiers thickens when the class V SR (1961) visited the campus of Valley Tidar AMN in Magelang.

"I'm interested in figures Valor AMN cadets who walked and marched straight time. When the tour group stopped to Yogyakarta, I was a time to buy a sword, because in my shadow, soldiers were carrying swords and guns," recalled SBY.

Inheriting his father's attitude is disciplined hard, SBY is struggling to realize the ideals of her childhood into the army to enter the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (Academy) after graduating high school end of year 1968. However, owing to late register, enter the indirect SBY Academy. So she had been a student of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering 10 November Surabaya (ITS).

But then, instead choosing SBY entry Junior School Teacher Education (PGSLP) in Malang, East Java. While studying in Malang PGSLP, he is prepared to enter the Academy.

Year 1970, he went Academy in Magelang, Central Java, after passing the exam in Bandung final acceptance. SBY one armed with Agus Wirahadikusumah, Ryamizard Ryacudu, and Prabowo Subianto. During his education, who got the nickname SBY Giraffe, very prominent. Evidently, he won the title with the 1973 Academy graduates awarded badges Makasaya Adhi.

When was educated at the Military Academy, it became acquainted with Christian SBY Herawati, daughter of Sarwo Edhie. At that time, Maj. Gen. Sarwo Edhi Wibowo, served as governor Academy. Induction occurs when SBY served as Division Commander of the Corps of Cadets.

It continues with the introduction of dating, engagement and wedding. They are endowed with two sons, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (follow and match the tracks and the achievement of SBY, graduated from Akmil year 2000 with the award-winning Star Adhi Makayasa) and Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono (best graduates SMA Taruna Nusantara, Magelang and then pursue economics).

Military education continued at the Airborne and Ranger Course at Fort Benning, Georgia, USA (1976), Infantry Officer Advanced Course at Fort Benning, Georgia, USA (1982-1983) by receiving honoraria graduate, Jungle Warfare Training in Panama (1983), Anti Tank Weapon Course in Belgium and Germany (1984), Battalion Commander Course in Bandung (1985), courses there in Bandung (1988-1989) and Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA (1990-1991). Obtained an MA degree from Webster University in the U.S..

Military Career
In his career, was idolized SBY Sarwo Edhi who is none other than his own father-in-law. In his view, Sarwo Edhi is a true warrior. Soul and logic His milliliter very strong. In addition to learning strategies, tactics and military leadership, in-law was very simple in life and holding firm in the principles that are believed.

Travel in his military career, beginning with the took office as the 330th Airborne And Tonpan Yonif Kostrad (Platoon Commander III Rifle Company A, Battalion Airborne Infantry 330/Tri Dharma, Kostrad) in 1974-1976, directly supervises approximately 30 soldiers.

330 Airborne Battalion is one of the three battalions in the 17th Airborne Infantry Brigade Kujang I / Army Strategic Reserve Command, which has a good name in various military operations. It is the third battalion of the Airborne Infantry Battalion 330/Tri Dharma, 328/Dirgahayu Airborne Infantry Battalion and the Airborne Infantry Battalion 305/Tengkorak.

SBY, as a platoon commander, diligently practicing with his men so that the platoon is often a mainstay for any activity of Company A in-company training with other companies in the battalion level. In addition, he also got an additional task tutor general knowledge and English language for all members of the battalion.

English fluency, education follow him elected airborne (airborne) and education commandos (ranger) at the Army Education Center United States, Ford Genning, Georgia, 1975.

Then, after their return to homeland, he had served as Platoon Commander of A Company Second Battalion of Airborne 305/Tengkorak (And Tonpan Yonif 305 Kostrad) in 1976-1977. He also led the platoon was fighting in East Timor.

Coming home from East Timor, he became Commander of 81 Platoon mortar Yonif Airborne Kostrad 330 (1977). After that, he was placed as 17th Airborne Mabrigif Pasi-2/Ops Kujang I Kostrad (1977-1978), 330th Airborne And Kipan Yonif Kostrad (1979-1981), and Paban SOPS SUAD Young (1981-1982).

When serving in the Army Headquarters, the school had the opportunity SBY back to the United States. From 1982 to 1983, he followed the Infantry Officer Advanced Course, Fort Genning, USA, from 1982 to 1983 as well as working practices-On-the-job-training in the 82 nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, USA, 1983. Then follow the Jungle Warfare School in Panama, in 1983 and anti-tank Weapon Course in Belgium and Germany, in 1984, and Battalion Command Course, 1985. At the same time he served as commander of the Infantry Training School (1983-1985)

Then he believed served And Yonif 744 Dam IX (1986-1988) and Paban Madyalat SOPS Dam IX (1988), before attending education at Command and Staff College Army (courses there) in Bandung and out as the best graduate courses there 1989.

He also had a Lecturer courses there (1989-1992), and placed in the Information Office of the Army (Dispenad) with tasks such as making speeches Army Chief of Staff General Edi Sudradjat. Then when Edi Sudradjat appointed Commander of the Armed Forces, he was drawn to the Headquarters of the Armed Forces to become the Coordinator of Staff Person (Korspri) Armed Forces Commander General Edi Sudradjat (1993).

Then, he returned to duty in combat units, was appointed Commander of the Airborne Infantry Brigade (And Brigif Airborne) 17 Kujang I / Army Strategic Reserve Command (1993-1994) along with Lt. Col. Riyamizard Ryacudu. Then served Asops Kodam Jaya (1994-1995) and Danrem 072/Pamungkas Kodam IV / Diponegoro (1995).

Shortly thereafter, he believed served to Bosnia and Herzegovina to become an officer in the UN (1995). He served as Head of UN Military Observers (Chief Military Observer United Nations Protection Force) is charged with overseeing the ceasefire in the former Yugoslavia under the Dayton agreement, the United States between Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

After returning from Bosnia, he was appointed Chief of Staff Kodam Jaya (1996), only about five months. At that time Jaya, Aceh military commander Maj. Gen. Sutiyoso held, which replaces Maj. Gen. Wiranto, who was appointed Commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Command. While serving as Kasdam Jaya, July 27, 1996 events, which dragged his name to any disclosure of a witness in the case.

Later he served as Commander II / Sriwijaya (1996-1997) as well as Chairman and Chairman of the Armed Forces faction Bakorstanasda Assembly (MPR Special Session in 1998) before becoming Chief of Staff of the Territorial (caster) Armed Forces (1998-1999). Prominent public appearances began while serving as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Territorial.

In this period of reform of the Armed Forces serving caster starts scrolling. TNI condemned to death. At that time, the figure of SBY increasingly prominent as a general who Thinking. He understands that developed in the public mind and not blindly defend the institution. He also played a lot in an effort to reposition the role of the TNI (armed forces). Rafermasi TNI started in this period.

Political Career

Meanwhile, a move his political career began on January 27, 2000, when deciding to retire early from the military when it is believed served as Minister of Mines and Energy in the government of President KH Abdurrahman Wahid. When he was a lieutenant-general and eventually retired with the honorary rank of general.

Shortly thereafter, Yudhoyono was forced to leave his position as Gus Dur Mentamben since served Menkopolsoskam asked to replace General Wiranto, who was forced to resign as Menkopolsoskam.

Growing in popularity while serving as Minister Polsoskam fluttering (Government of President KH Abdurrahman Wahid) and the Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs (Government of President Megawati Sukarnopotri).

Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security as the toughest task is to restore public confidence and security in the world that Indonesia can be realized. Safety factor is often used as a foreign investor to cancel investment plans in Indonesia. While from within the country, communities often are concerned with various disorders such as terrorist bombs that frequently occur.

Another problem is, efforts to halt fighting in the conflict area, which is slowly showing progress. However, because of the large problems, the success of their duties are often not taken seriously. Still a lot of big jobs waiting to be resolved.

Facing a tough task, turned out to be a part of history that SBY life before becoming a minister had predicted would become the number one man in a military environment. When President KH Abdurrahman Wahid to power, he was given the task of lobbying the family of former President Suharto. Persuasive intent step is doing is so willing to give a portion of sandalwood family wealth to the people and nation. Especially to bring home the Suharto family fortune is estimated to remain stored in foreign countries. Yet at that time the community was waiting with a thorough trial results is the strong man of the New Order.

President Wahid in early 2001 had asked him to form a Crisis Centre. In this nonstructural institute President Wahid asked Yudhoyono served as Chief Executive and the central place of information or activity (operations center) in the office of the Coordinating Polsoskam. These new institutions function to provide recommendations to President Wahid in response to various problems. Including Heads of State in responding to the attitude of the two memoranda by the Parliament.

The story of when he served as Minister Polsoskam (Government of President KH Abdurrahman Wahid) to carve its own story.
Despite repeatedly receive the trust does not mean Yudhoyono 'softening' in the face of President Wahid. When there was news of President Wahid issued a decree will insist on the dissolution of Parliament, then, together with the Armed Forces Commander Admiral Widodo AS and other ranks of military officers, he asked Gus Dur's the idea.

Peak, on May 28, 2001, together with some ministers did not recommend a plan of President Abdurrahman Wahid issued a presidential decree. Not even prepared to implement the President's intimation assign him as Menkopolsoskam to take the steps necessary to overcome the crisis, maintain security, order and law.

As a result he was dismissed from his position with respect Menkopolsoskam on June 1, 2001, because they rejected the plan the President issued a decree. When he was offered the position of Minister of Transportation or the Minister of Home Affairs, but declined.

Then at the Special Session of the MPR-RI, July 25, 2001, he was nominated fight over the vacant position of Vice President Megawati Sukarnoputri after elected as president. He competes with Hamzah Haz and Akbar Tandjung.

On August 10, 2001, President Megawati's trust and became the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security Cabinet true job Mutual-Aid. He even seemed to run fine job. One of the execution of his duty was to announce the implementation of martial law in Aceh on May 19, 2003, as well as conflict resolution process in Ambon and Poso.

It's very profitable SBY get already a run to win the presidency. Then his popularity rapidly escalated. The first time he entered the presidential candidates exchange, when the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party candidate cuddle became one of the presidential and vice presidential candidates. Later, Democrats who fact and founded with some colleagues call it a candidate for president, not vice-presidential candidate.

Then the peacefulness of the ad appeared in various television stations. He also answered questions from journalists who asked him about not involved in some activities related to the cabinet of political and security issues. Then, President Megawati's husband Taufik Kiemas called childish because it is considered to journalists not to report to the president (03/01/2004). He was lucky because the press and some analysts to build an opinion that he is being oppressed by Taufik Kiemas, Megawati's husband.

In the meantime, two coordination meetings of the Political and Security Affairs field not completed because of the absence of the ministers concerned. Apparently the ministers concerned were no longer trusted and obeyed. Then on March 9, 2004, he wrote to President Megawati to question authority as well ask for time to meet. However, the President did not answer the letter. State Secretary Bambang Kusowo to the press saying should not be a minister (assistant of the President) should draft a letter asking to meet with the president. He also invited ministers meeting Comes limited. But he did not come.

He felt his letter was not addressed. Then on March 11, 2004, he chose to resign from the office of Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs felt their authority as has been taken over by President Megawati Sukarnoputri. In that situation, M. Jusuf Kalla, Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare who served, to see him. Then, at night, in a hotel, he met Abdurrahman Wahid who was rumored to have since some time rocking a candidate for president of CLA.

General of the sympathetic, handsome, easy smile and engaging a lot of women, when announcing his resignation request, saying "In accordance with my political rights, if later in time, there is a political party, say Democrats and other parties with a combined propose me as a candidate for president , God willing, I will. "

Decision resignation assessed various parties a decision that was elegant. In the course of his career, Yudhoyono, who had always wanted to look elegant in both speaking and behaving. The attitude was evident in several important events which directly involve in-law General (Red) Sarwo Edhi Wibowo it.

Step resignation is considered many parties make it more flexibility to run the political rights that would drive her to chair a national leadership summit. Dotson Indonesian Leaders Polling place as vice presidential candidate most peaks.

Duumvirate SBY-JK

The process of impressing his resignation due to excluded in Megawati's cabinet has raised the popularity. Popularity increasingly prominent. He is lucky to have a political popularity politic the winner other leaders who ask for her hand as a candidate just before the Vice President. Its popularity has been boosted Democratic votes in legislative elections in 2004 which ranked fifth, and drove him into the presidential candidate.

Shortly after the April 2004 legislative election, Yudhoyono had formally requested a willingness M. Jusuf Kalla with him as a candidate for President and Vice-Presidential Candidate. This ideal match Democratic nomination, PKPI and the United Nations.

In the first round of the presidential election July 5, 2004, the pair of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Jusuf Kalla was obtained 39,838,184 votes (33.574 percent) followed by pair of Megawati-Hasyim Muzadi 31,569,104 votes (26.60 percent). Both couples had advanced to the second stage of the Presidential Election 20 September 2004.

While the votes of three other vice-presidential partner that is in the order of three Wiranto-Salahuddin Wahid won 26,286,788 votes (22.154%), the sequence of four Amien Rais-Siswono Yudo Husodo 17,392,931 votes (14.658%), and Hamzah Haz-five sequence Agum Gumelar 3,569,861 votes (3.009%).

In the rules for presidential elections in the first round is set if no pair of presidential-vice presidential candidate won 50% + 1n with at least 20 percent of votes in each province and spread over half the provinces in Indonesia, the highest vote-winning first and second set to advance to the second round presidential election.

The result of the vote counting recapitulation of the 32 provinces plus the results of elections in foreign countries, the number of voters using voting rights 121 293 844 people, or 78.22 percent of registered voters 155 048 803, lower than the 84.07 percent of the legislative elections.

Yudhoyono-Jusuf pairs victory in 17 provinces, including overseas. The pair of Megawati-Hasyim outperformed other candidates in six provinces. The pair Wiranto-Salahuddin Wahid's victory in seven provinces. The pair of Amien Rais-Siswono Yudo Husodo victory in the two provinces. The pair of Hamzah Haz-Agum Gumelar not won in a single province.

Then in the second presidential election 20 September 2004 His Child, SBY-JK win the trust of the people of Indonesia with the acquisition of a majority of votes in the Attas 60 percent, outperformed the Mega-Hasyim pair who won less than 40 percent of the vote.

Living in the Palace

Answering questions from journalists (09/24/2004), will stay where after inaugurated as president, Yudhoyono said: "Palace. I chose to live there after being inaugurated." The options and their families to stay at the State Palace is based on reason would be more efficient and effective for the implementation of his duties as head of state and head of government.

According to him, the court will facilitate the arrangement of activities. Will not impede traffic too, the security would be easier, guests will easily setting up and His Surveys, and for the sake of saving as well. "If I live outside the palace, must have required the construction of a facility that was not really necessary if I lived in the palace," he said.

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