History Batik Minangkabau

Minangkabau is called batik batik liek land, because of batik was originally from West Sumatra is one of The color liek soil, ie clay. There are a variety of other sources of natural dyes. There are leather jengkol, rambutan skin, gambier, mahogany skin, leaves jerame and many other roots are also used.

Batik Land Liek historically originated in China brought by Chinese traders. Because the beauty of Minang women to take advantage of this batik shawl. The price is relatively expensive and only used on special occasions only. In the event that was only used by ninik mamak and BUNDO KANDUANG, or custom models. This shawl is always maintained by the Minang people as relics of ancestral craft.

If the adoption of many other local batik motifs of flora, soil batik inspired liek Pessel lot of sea animals like sea horses, and other biota. It is said Chairman Mrs Dekranasda Pessel Nasrul abit journalist caused the topography of the area which lies on the coast so that its people are very familiar and close to the sea. So that marine life is diverse and has its own beauty becomes an inspiration to create works of art or handicrafts such as batik.

"There Pessel Batik motifs 9, 6 sea motif and a floral motif, namely kaluak nails to the edge of the fabric," said the hard-working journalist who raised the potential of this region to the outside world was accompanied by administrators Dekranasda, Syriac. History of batik originated Pessel liek cooking since ancient times, when the form of batik scarf worn only for customary events. Batik colors there are only two, the ground color and black.

Land of color obtained by soaking a cloth in a solution of clay. While black leather jengkol obtained from solution by immersing in water. Along the development of times, and tuntuan market, batik liek Pessel cooking developed into a variety of fashion such as clothes Stelan, clothing robe, head scarf and a shirt or dress koko for men. Any color according to taste increasingly diverse marketplace.
There are bright colors, like red, pink, blue, green colors to blend soft and beautiful colors. Basic silk fabric is not only lightweight and comfortable but there was also santung dobbies and others. Till now the land batik liek Pessel already flying everywhere, both in domestic and foreign.

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