Motif Batik art value Megamendung

Megamendung motifs used by the community as a basic motive Cirebon batik already familiar to the people of Indonesia batik lovers, nor for society batik lovers abroad. Evidence of motive Megamendung fame comes from the city of Cirebon never be used as the cover of a book published abroad batik Batik Design work entitled Pepin Van Roojen Dutch nation.

History of the emergence of motifs adopted by the community Megamendung Cirebon taken from various books and literary history always lead to the arrival of China who came to the region of Cirebon. Clearly recorded in history that Sunan Gunungjati married Queen Ong Tien from China. Some art objects brought from China, such as ceramics, dishes, fabric Decorated with clouds form. Aan shape symbolizes the world in a variety of cultures over ideology when taken from Taoism. Cloud forms a broad picture of the world, free and has a meaning transidental (Divinity). The concept of this cloud was also influential in the artistic world of Islam in the 16th century used by the Sufis for the expression of major world or nature.

Basic values in Megamendung

The fundamental values in any art including batik motifs in art can be approached in a way Megamendung as follows:

a. Value of appearance (appearance) or values that gave birth to a form of art objects. This value consists of the value of the shape and structure of values. Value of a form that can be seen visually is the motive Megamendung in a beautiful fabric apart from the use of materials such as cotton or silk cloth. While the value of the structure is generated from the forms which are prepared in such a way based on essential values. The shapes of curved lines arranged irregularly and are not interrupted each other.

b. Value Content (Content) which can consist of the value of knowledge (cognition), the value of feeling, intuition or the unconscious man, the value of ideas, and the value of the message or the value of life (values) that can consist of the moral, social values, religious values, etc. .

In Megamendung form we can see the irregular curved lines on a regular basis from most forms of curved lines in the (smaller) and then widen out (enlarged) shows the regular harmonic motion. You could say that the line of irregular arches are bringing a message of moral in human life is always changing (going up and down) kemudian untuk evolved out search of their identities (study / social life through religion) and to finally bring dirinya into a new world into a union of self menuju kembali after going through ups and downs (ups and downs) finally returned to its origin (sunnatullah). So that we can see form Megamendung always formed from the small arches that move increases keep coming out and eventually had to go back again into small rounds but should not be interrupted. Apart from the meaning of the philosophy that symbolizes Megamendung intact human life must be aligned so that its form. Viewed in terms of production do require that if the form of curved lines Megamendung must meet at one point so that the next bend on the date when the color on a gradual process (from the color of the young to the old colors) could be easier.

When we look at, then we will get that form Megamendung lot of variations. There is shaped taper at the ends and there is a round blunt at the tip. There also have angular-shaped indentation in the form of curve. Batik designer itself for beginners who are unfamiliar with the process of making batik and do not understand the meaning of philosophy Megamendung, when drawing Megamendung be little difficulty and possible errors will occur. That must be considered again is almost similar to the motif Megamendung Wadasan motive. But not the same as its placement with Wadasan motive (need to be focused on the next occasion).

c. Value Disclosure (presentation) that can show the existence of the value of one's personal talents, skills values, and the value of the medium he uses. Expression displayed by the artist in the form of a beautiful batik process by providing a scratch through the wax-called canting tool made of thin copper material formed carefully so that hot wax is past the end of canting can flow smoothly. Elements of a harmonious blend of color with meaningful for anyone who saw it. Blue elements that we know the color symbolizes the sky is so vast, friendly and calm. Augmented by some to mean that the blue color symbolizes fertility so that batik was originally Megamendung always gives a blue color elements are interspersed with the red primary color.

Batik world developments coupled with the growing demand for batik is so diverse, so many motives Megamendung modified with a variety of approaches, as follows:

1. Shape Motif
Megamendung motif forms at the present time has changed and modified in accordance with market demand among the community of fashion designers (fashion designer). Do not deny that the group of fashion designers who contributed to the advancement of the world is very big to lift motif batik including Megamendung. Megamendung motif was combined with motifs of animals, flowers or other motif elements. Indeed the existence of motives Megamendung combined with other motifs already exist from earlier times and was created by traditional batik artists. But lately after being taken in total by the fashion designer batik Megamendung growing rapidly.

2. Production Process
Megamendung batik production process which used to be done in batik and batik, now developed also with the production process of screen printing (print). Thus the production cost can be reduced more cheaply. Although Megamendung patterned fabric made with silk-screening process can not we call batik, but commercial motives Megamendung an easy target for textile manufacturers who can produce many benefits.

3. Production Forms
The realization of the object at the current production is no longer wearing Megamendung motif in the form of batik cloth. Megamendung motif used as wall decoration glass painting, the interior of carved wood products, those that are made as products pillowcases, bed linen, tablecloths (household) and others.
I agree and strongly supports the opinion of a group of lovers who make batik motifs Megamendung is a form of work that is very noble and meaningful, so the use of motives should be well guarded Megamendung and placed properly. We as a society engaged in the world does not limit how batik motifs form Megamendung produced, but I do not agree when the motives Megamendung with various forms of manufactured goods in the form of coatings used in hotels sandals.


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