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Dr. Sindhunata

June 2002, U.S. President George W. Bush addressed the cadets at Westpoint Military Academy. He said, "America does not aim to build an empire or the realization of a utopia." Not only on occasion, but on other occasions even Mr Bush stressed repeatedly, the world is nothing to worry about the existence of American imperialism. Listening to American history, the world may be worried that Bush's speech can not be held. Take the example of America's war versus Spain in 1898.

At that time the Cuban national uprising against Spanish colonial rule. Americans see, unrest in the sugar-producing islands that could jeopardize its investment. Americans increasingly feel the need to invade Cuba, because there happens to cruelty and violations of human rights carried out by Spanish colonial authorities. The desire was getting triggered by this event: in February 1898 the battleship USS Maine exploded in Havana harbor, resulting in the death of 226 American soldiers. Accusations soon spread: it is a terror blast from the Spanish. New in 1967 revealed, that the allegations were false. The truth, war ships would explode only because of an accident.

The Splendid little war, small wars and beautiful, according to Secretary of State John Hay called it a war. It turned out that the war lasted three months, ending with a total defeat on the part of Spain. Since the defeat of the Spanish eventually also lost power in the Caribbean region, even in areas of Southeast Asia. Congress emphasized, America not the slightest ambition to annex the conquered territory. Nevertheless, the government Mc Kinley could not resist the temptation. America finally claims sovereignty over Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. In the near future in the Philippines, burst people's resistance to fight for independence. And the Americans have to face prolonged guerrilla warfare and brutal.

Imagine, such a brutal war originally was named as the Splendid little war. Where it comes from the idea that war is so cruel and eat a lot of casualties, only regarded as beautiful and fun game? This may not quite be explained only from political reasons, business or military. Are there cultural factors that affect the sedimentation of the idea of a cruel war into a war like fun? Factors may exist, at least if people watched it in the world of American film.


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