Fight for Basic Islamic State

Mohammad Natsir (1908-1993)

Mohammad Natsir, reliable Islamic politicians who firmly to the principles and ideals. Male birth Alahan Panjang, West Sumatra, July 17, 1908, this after the elections in 1955 led Masyumi, which is a combination of Islamic parties in the Constituent Assembly, which is seriously fighting for Islam as the basis of the state.

He struggled to establish Islam as the basis of the state through democratic principles. Although, his struggle was not accepted among the nationalist and socialist at the time, so that the Constituent Assembly fails to establish the Constitution, which ended with the Presidential Decree on July 5, 1955 which, among other states and return to dissolve the Constituent Assembly 1945.

Since then, the political differences between the M Natsir and President Soekarno (Bung Karno) farther away. Even Masyumi was abolished in 1960. Similarly, after President Suharto replaced Sukarno (Pak Harto), not how long M. Natsir eventually also disagreed with the leader of the New Order.

M Natsir with friends His Partner in Masyumi, after the party was disbanded, remains firmly in the establishment, always wanted to establish Masyumi and fight for Islam as the basis of the state. But because of the opportunity to revive Masyumi never opened, so they founded the Council of Da'wah Islamiyah Indonesia (DDII). In this DDII M. Natsir and friends submissive, until M Natsir died in Jakarta on February 6, 1993, at the age of 84 years.

National Heroes

Prior to leading the party in the Constituent Masyumi, M. Natsir has served as Prime Minister of Indonesia 5, a term of 5 September 1950 - April 26, 1951, replacing Abdul Halim and then replaced Sukiman Wirjosandjojo.

M. Natsir also briefly served as Minister of Information. Although already serving ministers and the Prime Minister, he remains humble life. Even still did not hesitate to wear the patch. At the newly appointed Prime Minister, he lived in an alley, so Idit Djunaedi presented at Tjokroaminoto home. He also refused a gift from the baron Chevy Impala. And, the only government official, who returned from the Palace of the free ride bike driver, after submitting the prime minister to President Soekarno.1)

While serving Prime Minister, Cabinet M. Natsir managed to play free and active foreign policy adopted since the beginning of Indonesia's independence. In the era of the Cabinet of M. Indonesia Natsir accepted into the UN.

M Natsir also contribute to the struggle in the early days of independence. For his accomplishments, the President, through Presidential Decree No. 41/TK/Tahun 2008, set M. Natsir as a National Hero, to coincide at the Heroes Day commemoration on 10 November 2008, and together with the 100 years commemoration of M. Natsir.

Mohammad Natsir was the son of a government official on Long Alahan. His grandfather had a scholar. As a child, Natsir be lucky to learn in HIS Solok and Islamic religious school, led by the followers of Haji Apostles. In those days little children a chance at HIS school. Even years to get a scholarship for the 1923-1927 school Natsir in MULO. After that went back to the AMS Bandung and graduated in 1930.

During his school in Bandung AMS, Natsir interact with the national movement activists, among others Syafruddin Prawiranegara, Mohammad Roem and Sutan Syahrir. In 1932, Natsir sit under Ahmad Hassan, who later became leaders of Islamic organizations Exactly. 2) ti / ch. robin Simanullang

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