Gresik Tourism Places

A number of tourism is a mainstay in Gresik Tomb of Maulana Malik Ibrahim (in Gapuro), Grave of Sunan Giri (Giri village), Grave of Sunan Prapen (grandson of Sunan Giri) in the village Klangonan, Tomb of Fatima bint Maimun, Grave Kanjeng Sepuh and taken cared of Sunan Kalijaga in Regions Mount Surowiti Panceng district in Gresik, all of which have been designated as cultural heritage and science by the East Java Provincial Government. Bawean island is a maritime tourism destination, which are nature reserves and wildlife reserves, beach tourism "white sand" in the village dalegan Panceng district that serves the entertainment atmosphere ocean view, play and bathe in the beach a safe and comfortable. Solo estuary (the longest river in Java) is an area that is just as interesting to visit.

in addition there is a tradition that has been long enough now that is still ongoing tradition [Rebo wekasan], [25 nights] and fish market.


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