Progress of Women Combatants

Raden Ajeng Kartini

Licht tox Duistermis Door, Out the Light of the Dark publication, that's the title of a collection of letters of Raden Kartini Ajeng famous. The letters written to friends in Holland later became a proof of how great of a Kartini's desire to release his people from discrimination that is entrenched in his day.

It became pedorong spirit of Indonesian women in fighting for their rights. Kartini's struggle is not only written on paper but proved by establishing a free school for girls located in Jepara, and Apex.

Efforts from the daughter of a regent of Jepara has opened a vision of his nation in a variety of other areas. Since then women's schools were born and grown in various parts of the country. Indonesian women had been born into human beings.

In the era of Kartini, late 19th century to early 20th century, women have not obtained the freedom of this country in many respects. They were not allowed to obtain higher education as men have not even permitted to determine the mate / husband alone, and others.

Kartini who felt free to choose even felt had no choice at all because they were born as a woman, has always been treated different with relatives or friends of man, and envy the freedom of women in the Netherlands, eventually growing desire and determination in his heart to change the bad habits it.

At that time, Raden Kartini Ajeng who was born in Jepara, Central Java, on April 21, 1879, was actually really wanted to get a higher education, but as a habit when he was not allowed by her parents.

He only had time to get education up to the ELS (Europese Lagere School) or the primary school level. ELS finish, Kartini was secluded as habit or custom prevailing in the place of his birth where a woman after finishing school at the elementary school level, girls must undergo seclusion until it was time to get married.

Experiencing such obstacles, Kartini many teenagers who hang out with people educated and fond of reading books, especially books on women's advancement such as the works of Multatuli "Max Havelaar" and the work of a woman warrior figures in Europe, began to realize how tertinggalnya female compatriots when compared with women of other nations, especially European women.

He felt himself how he only allowed the school to primary school level only when he was the son of a Regent. His heart was sad to see his people from ordinary families children who have never sent to school at all.

Since then, he was eager and determined to promote women's nation, Indonesia. And steps to promote it thinks can be achieved through education. To realize his ideals, he start by establishing a school for girls in his homeland, Jepara. In these schools taught sewing lessons, embroidery, cooking, and so forth. Overall it was given free of charge alias free.

Even for the sake of noble ideals that he himself planned to follow the School Teachers in the Netherlands with the intention that he could become a better educator. Scholarship from the Dutch Government has also been successfully obtained, but that desire is not achieved because of the ban back his parents. In order to prevent his leaving, the parents had forced her to marry at that time to Raden Duke Joyodiningrat, a regent at the Apex.

Various obstacles do not dampen his spirits, even though the marriage. After marriage, she still establish a school in Apex next to the school located in Jepara, which has been set up before marriage. What has he done with school and then followed by other women by establishing 'Kartini's Schools' in their seats like in Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang, Madiun, and Cirebon.

Throughout his life, Kartini very happy to be friends. He has many good friends in the country and in Europe, especially from the Netherlands, a nation that was colonized Indonesia at that time. To our friend, he would often pour out his heart about his desire to promote women's land. To his friends that the Dutch she often writes letters expressing these ideals, about the equal rights of women and men.

After Kartini died, the letters are then collected and published into a book titled in Dutch Door Duisternis tot Licht (Out Dark Light publication). What is contained in the book was very influential in encouraging the progress of Indonesian women because the content of these writings have become a source of motivation for the struggle of Indonesian women in the future.

What have I done RA Kartini very big influence to the revival of this nation. Maybe it will be bigger and more would do if God gave him a long age. But God willed the other, he died at a young age, the age of 25 years, ie on September 17, 1904, when it gave birth to their first son.

Given the size of Kartini's services in this nation on behalf of the state, the government of President Sukarno, first President of the Republic of Indonesia issued Presidential Decree No.108 of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1964, dated May 2, 1964 to establish National Independence Hero Kartini as well as set the birthday of Kartini, December 21 April, for the celebrated every year as the big day which became known as Kartini Day.

In recent years, the dates of birth of Kartini as a big day somewhat moot. With a variety of arguments, each party to give an opinion of each. Communities that do not so agree, there is not only celebrate but celebrate Kartini Day at a time with Mother's Day on 22 December.

The reason they are so as not to choose love with the heroes of other Indonesian women. However, more extreme, said there was another heroine who is more powerful than the RA Kartini. According to them, the struggle was merely in Jepara Kartini and Apex only, Kartini also never shouldered a weapon against invaders. And various other reasons.

While those who are pro instead said Kartini not only a figure that raised the degree of female emancipation women in Indonesia alone but is a national figure means that, with these reform ideas he had fought for the interests of their nation. The way he thought was in the national scope.

Although the Youth Pledge has not been coined then, but his thoughts are not limited to the area or land Hers born Java alone. Kartini had reached manhood national think that nationalism is like a plot hatched by the Youth Pledge in 1928.

Regardless of the pros cons, in the history of this nation we are more familiar with the names of our heroine like Cut Nya 'Dhien, Cut Mutiah, Nyi. Ageng Serang, Dewi Sartika, Nyi Ahmad Dahlan, Ny. Walandouw Maramis, Christina Martha Tiahohu, and others.

They fought in the area, at the time, and in different ways. There was a struggle in Aceh, Java, Maluku, Manado and other. There was a fight in the Dutch colonial era, the Japanese colonial period, or after independence. There are struggling with raised arms, there is through education, through the organization and there are other ways. They are all fighters of the nation, the nation heroes who deserve our respect and Model.

Raden Kartini Ajeng itself is the hero who takes its place in our hearts with all ideals, determination, and deeds. Big ideas have been able to mobilize and inspire his people struggle from ignorance did not realize in the past. With courage and sacrifice of a sincere, he is able to inspire his people from the chains of discrimination.

For women alone, with initial efforts were now women in this country has enjoyed what is called equal rights. The struggle is not over yet, in this era of globalization is still widely perceived oppression and unfair treatment against women.

These are the remnants of old habits that some people either by men who are not willing to let go as well as by the authoritarian nature of some of the woman herself who has not dared to resist the old habits. But awareness has long been implanted Kartini, now is the coaching.


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