A Brief History

"Raden Ajeng Kartini"

Ajeng Raden Kartini was born in Japan on April 21, 1879, so 127 years ago coincided. He is the Daughter of a regent of Jepara at the time, namely the Duke Sastrodiningrat Raden Mas. And is the grandson of the Regent Demak, namely Tjondronegoro. At the time of birth Ajeng Raden Kartini, the fate of women is full of darkness, the emptiness, of all hope, the absence of any struggle, and no more than furniture mere men, and served no other than predetermined by nature, namely taking care of and manage the household alone, women have been robbed and trampled status and dignity as human beings.

Power thinks women can not develop properly, women were not given the opportunity to develop himself to more than what it receives from nature. Since women do not stand a chance to learn to read, write and so forth. In other words, women have only the obligation but has no rights at all.

Ajeng Raden Kartini who have risen up at that time, can not see this fact even though he was born in the environment amid which the nobility or aristocracy at the time it has levels of social life is very different from the majority of the people who live in a very traditional life environment rein freedom but he did not hesitate to come down to the bottom mixing with ordinary people, to develop ideas and ideals that would overhaul the social status of women, and ways of life in society with the motto: "We must make history, we must determine the future Our purpose and in accordance with our needs as women and must receive adequate education as men. "

By breaking all the rules of customary at that time, Raden Kartini Ajeng get a chance to continue his education as equivalent to the Dutch colonizers of education at that time, he had learned of other female activities.

With the acquisition of knowledge and experience, Raden Kartini Ajeng gradually and gradually but surely trying to add a decent life for women.

Marital Ajeng Raden Kartini, Raden in 1903 with Apex Regent Duke Joyoningrat requires him to follow her husband, and in this area he worked hard to increase its activities in education. The role of husband, in an effort to improve the struggle of Raden Kartini Ajeng crucial also because of the encouragement and help of her husband, he can establish a school and that was where his skill in teaching the girls about women's activities, such as learning needlework and other daughter versatility.

Attempts Ajeng Raden Kartini in improving the intelligence to Indonesian nation and women, especially through the means of education regardless of the level and degree, whether it is noble or commoner. Everything has the same right in every respect, not only that he works, equality of rights between men and women there should be no difference. He also has confidence that the intelligence of the people to think, will not be advanced if women are left behind.

This is the struggle of Raden Kartini Ajeng women have succeeded in revealing a decent place, which lifted the degree of women from the dark to the place ablaze. in accordance with his famous paper, entitled "After Dark Light publication."

Ajeng Raden Kartini died at the age of 25 years, he left the Indonesian nation in a relatively young age, which is still filled with the ideals of struggle and abundant creativity.

But the struggles and aspirations, he still reverberate and grow, as evidenced in the current development period not a few women who play an important role, both in government in the private sector in accordance with their respective professions.

Such disclosure of the history of struggle Ajeng Raden Kartini, hopefully this time the warning was determined to bring the benefits and we together to build the community, nation and our beloved country as this, and we can pick the fruit and grains for the continuation of struggle, he generally Indonesian national struggle and the struggle of women in particular.

Finally we wish you many thanks for all the attention of the gentlemen and ladies.


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