History Batik Pekalongan

Although no official records began to be known when the batik in Pekalongan, but according to estimates existing in Pekalongan batik around the year 1800. Even according to the data recorded at the Ministry, batik was made in 1802, as a small tree motif in the form of dress material.

But significant progress is expected to occur after a major war in 1825-1830 in the kingdom of Mataram, called Java Diponegoro war or war. With the onset of this battle royal family and urged his followers to leave many areas of the kingdom. They then spread towards the East and West. Later in the area - a new area that the family and followers develop batik.

To the east of Solo and Yogyakarta batik batik refine the existing pattern in Mojokerto and Tulungagung to spread to Gresik, Surabaya and Madura. Medium West toward developing batik in Banyumas, Kebumen, Tegal, Cirebon and Pekalongan. With this migration, the existing Pekalongan batik previously flourished.

Over time, Batik Pekalongan experienced rapid growth compared with other regions. In this region, batik grew around coastal areas, namely in the regions and regional town of Pekalongan Buaran, Pekajangan and Wonopringgo.

Cultural development of printing techniques using dye motifs closing night (candles) on the fabric which was then called batik, is inseparable from the influence of those countries. This shows the resiliency of batik context of the times.

Pekalongan batik is very unique because it rested entirely on hundreds of small entrepreneurs, rather than on a handful of large employers have capital. Since many decades ago until now, most of Pekalongan batik production process is done in homes. As a result, closely united with batik Pekalongan Pekalongan community life which is now divided into two administrative regions, namely Pekalongan Municipality and Regency of Pekalongan.

Pekalongan batik tidal development, show worthy of Pekalongan batik an icon for the developments in the archipelago. Icon for works of art that never surrendered to the development of times and always dynamic. Now batik has become a breath of everyday life Pekalongan residents and is one of key products. This is because many industries which produce batik. Because the product is known for his batik, known as CITY BATIK Pekalongan. The nickname came from a long tradition rooted in Pekalongan. During that long period, various properties, the variety of uses, type design, as well as batik quality is determined by the climate and the presence of fibers of local, historical factors, trade and the readiness of communities to understand and accept new ideas.

Batik is an art culture that admired the world, among the traditional varieties produced with dye technology hurdles, none of which can be present as beautiful and as smooth as Pekalongan batik.

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