Education is essential to ensure progress and continuity of life of the nation. Education is a conscious effort to prepare students through counseling, teaching, and / or training for their role in the future.
Every Indonesian citizen is entitled to education at any stage in his life journey. Education can be obtained either through education, the school and outside school education channels.
Improvement and education is one aspect of development that gets top priority of the Government of Indonesia. National Education System which is now applicable regulated through the National Education Act No.2 of 1989.
Learners are members of the community who seek to develop themselves through the educational process on track, tiers, and particular types of education.
Each student has a variety of rights, a right given preferential treatment according to their talents, interests, and abilities; rights education program in question on the basis of continuing education, both to develop self-recognition and to obtain a certain educational level has been formalized; right to get help learning facilities, scholarships, or other assistance in accordance with the applicable requirements; rights education unit moved to a level equal or higher in accordance with the admission requirements of students in the educational unit shall be entered; the right to acquire learning outcomes assessment; right to complete the education program earlier than the time specified, and the right to get a special service for those who carry the defect.
In addition, each student has the obligations to share in the cost of education administration (except for students who are exempted from the obligation) to comply with all applicable regulations; to honor educators; to participate in maintaining facilities and infrastructure as well as cleanliness, orderliness and security of the educational unit concerned.
Students in elementary and secondary levels of education called the students, while students in higher education called the student.


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