Stalinist betrayal deepens

When hundreds of thousands of PKI members and supporters were hunted down and slaughtered, the PKI leadership and colleagues in the Kremlin, Beijing and the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) recommends PKI cadres, workers and peasants to not fight back, giving the green light for military generals to conduct mass executions.

The Stalinist deepened their reactionary positions that require people to subordinate their interests to the national bourgeoisie and Sukarno, which was used by Suharto as a puppet president, and for the armed forces.

On October 1, 1965, Sukarno and the PKI Aidit secretary-general responded to the formation of the Revolutionary Council by the "rebels" with the move to the Halim Air Force Base in Jakarta to seek protection.

On October 6, Sukarno called on people to create "national unity", namely the unity between the armed forces and the victims, and the cessation of violence. The Political Bureau of the Central Committee immediately urged all Party members and mass organizations to support the "leader of the Indonesian revolution" and not against the armed forces. This statement was reprinted in the newspaper CPA named "Tribune":

"After reviewing the appeal to the Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the Republic of Indonesia, the Indonesian revolutionary leader, President Sukarno, the Political Bureau of the Indonesian Communist Party Central Committee expressed full support for the appeal and appeals to all committees and party members and supporters, as well as revolutionary organizations mass led by members of the PKI to enable the implementation of this appeal. "

Meanwhile, Sukarno, "the leader of the Indonesian revolution", is working with the military repression was hoping to save his own neck. He ordered the extermination of all who are considered thoroughly involved in the "event" September 30 (the alleged coup attempt led by Colonel Lucky), and allowing the roundup and killing of PKI leaders. On October 15, he inaugurated the Suharto as army commander.

Five months later, on March 11, 1966, Sukarno, Suharto gave unlimited power. He ruled Suharto to take "appropriate steps" to restore order and to protect the personal safety and authority. Unlimited power was first used by Suharto to ban the PKI. In recognition of his services, was retained as titular president Sukarno's military dictatorship until March 1967.

The PKI leadership continues to demand that the masses to the authority of Sukarno and Suharto's regime. Aidit, who had fled, was captured and executed by the army on November 24, but his work continued by the Second Secretary True PKI. In an interview with a Japanese newspaper correspondent he emphasized:

"PKI is only recognized one head of state, supreme commander of one, a great leader of our revolution - President Sukarno ... President Sukarno to unite all the forces that will decide the fate of the people of Indonesia."

All members, Njoto, must "fully support the orders of President Sukarno and promised to implement all of that without a doubt ... we are trying to Party in all its ability to prevent a civil war."

In other words, while the carpenters, butchers military and their CIA advisers are not only the systematic liquidation of the PKI leaders, but also to sections of Indonesian society's most class-conscious, PKI cadres ordered them not to fight.

Bankruptcy and the decay theory of "two-stage" Stalinist, who insisted that people had to tie their fate to Sukarno and the national bourgeoisie can not be spelled out more clearly.

Betrayal of the PKI and supported by the Stalinist bureaucracies in Moscow and Beijing. The Kremlin blamed elements of the "rebels" and "adventurers" in the PKI for the defeat and called repeatedly for "unity" of the Indonesian revolution in his NASAKOM Sukarno.

On October 12, 1965, the leaders of the Soviet Union, Brezhnev, Mikoyan and Kosygin sent a special message to Sukarno: "We and our colleagues happy to hear that your health has improved ... We heard with great interest about your speech in radio to all the Indonesian people to remain calm and avoid the chaos ... This call will be understood in depth. "

In a Intercontinental Conference in Havana in February 1966, representatives of the Soviet Union tried with all their ability to avoid the condemnation of terror counter-revolution that is happening to the people of Indonesia. Establishment of praise they get from the Suharto regime. The Indonesian parliament passed a resolution on February 11, expressed "full recognition" for his efforts as representatives from Nepal, Mongolia, the Soviet Union and other countries at the Conference of Solidarity with the States of Africa, Asia and Latin America, which successfully neutralized efforts of the counter-revolutionary movements of so-called Sept. 30, and the leaders and their protectors, to mixed-hand in the domestic affairs of Indonesia. "

Similarly, the treachery of the Stalinist was very clear to parliament this military junta pet can say that the events arranged by the CIA on September 30 as an attempted counter-revolutionary!

The Stalinist in Beijing also wash their hands of the fate of the people of Indonesia. They even went to Jakarta for the World Conference against foreign bases and stand by without protest as their comrades from Indonesia were included in the conference room.


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