Gresik has known since the 11th century when it grew into the center of trade not only between islands, but has already expanded control every aspect of State. Bandar Sebaga, Gresik visited many Chinese traders, Arabic, Gujarati, Calicut, Siam, Bengali, Campa and others. Gresik began to appear prominently in the history of legislation since the development of Islam in Java land. Carrier and disseminator of Islam religion is none other than Maulana Malik Ibrahim Syech together Fatimah Bint Gresik Maimun into the early 11th century.
Since the birth and growth of cities began Gresk apart from the emergence of Islam which then spread throughout the island of Java, not apart from the name of Nyai Ageng Penatih, from Wealthy widow, who is also a syahbandar, this will then will we find the name of someone who later became the founding milestone Gresik city.
He was a baby home Blambangan (Banyuwangi regency), which dbuang into the sea by his parents. And found by sailors subordinates who Nyai Ageng Pinatih later named Jaka Ocean. After a bachelor degree Raden Paku who later became rulers based in Kedaton Giri, from this place he was later known as Sunan Giri calls. If Maulana Malik Ibrahim Syech contemporaries regarded as rulers, kings and ministers poles, then the Sunan Giri Sunan addition to his position as one or Guardian (spread Islam) is also regarded as the Emperor / King (ruling government)
Sunan Giri is known to be one of Wali Songo, also known as the king or sultan Aiun Satmoto Yaqin. Year where he was enthroned as ruler of the government (1487 AD) eventually serve as the birth day of Gresik. He ruled for 30 years and gresik followed by keturunanya to less than 200 years.
First served as regent who is Kyai Ngabehi Tumenggung Poesponegoro in 1617 saka, a body was buried in the complex at Jl. Pahlawan eat Poesponegoro Gresik, the same complex as the tomb of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Syech.
Originally the district was named District of Surabaya. Entering the implementation of PP No. 38 Year 1974, all government activities began to gradually transferred to Gresik and its name was later changed to the Regency of Gresik activity center in the town of Gresik
Gresik Regency which is the development of the sub-region (SWPB) can not be separated from the sub-region development activities Kertosusilo Gate (Gresik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Lamongan). Including one part of the nine sub-regions of East Java development activities aimed at agriculture, industry, commerce, maritime, education and tourism industries.
With the enactment of Gresik as part of one of the areas Gerbangkertosusilo development and also as an industrial area, the town of Gresik became more popular and famous, not only in Persada archipelago, but also to the whole world that the mark of modern multi industrial with the emergence of be proud of the Indonesian nation


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