National education system is managed through the National Education Act No. 2 years old in 1989 is one integrated whole of all the units and educational activities related to one another to pursue the achievement of national education goals. Implementation of the national education system conducted in the universe, comprehensive, and integrated. Universe means open to all people and is valid throughout the territory of Indonesia; comprehensive means covers all lines, levels and types of education; integrated means that there are linkages between the national education and all national development efforts.
At first glance the National Education Act No. 2 Year 1989 contains the following explanation:
• general provisions of the contents of the Law
• the basic functions, and national education goals
• the right of citizens to acquire education
• education unit
• education point
• types of education
• education
• Learners
• educators
• educational resources
• curriculum
• learning days and holidays
• language of instruction
• assessment
• community participation in national education
• consideration of national education bodies
• managing the national education system
• supervision
Opportunity to acquire education is given to every citizen without distinction of sex, religion, ethnicity, race, social background and level of economic capacity, except for the special education unit. For example, the educational unit on the basis of female education is justified to accept only women only. Another example, the educational unit that held a particular religious education is justified to accept only the religion concerned.
Education is available and can be obtained by any person to be in the path or the path of school education outside of school education. Levels of education are included in the path of school education is basic education, secondary education and higher education. In addition it could also held Pre school education. At the point of school education there are also various types of education .
Statistics on the number of schools, students, and educators by level of education listed in the table 17 In order for the level and quality of life of the nation and the development of national culture can be improved in a sustainable manner, the available education must comply with the demands of developments in science and technology. For these purposes there is a special agency in charge  give consideration to the Education Minister about whether there is any change, repair, and improvement of national education.


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