Looking for Meaning of Batik Motifs

BATIK is a heritage which is inseparable from the culture of the Indonesian nation. With the beauty of various shades, natural color quality, as well as an interesting motif, making traditional batik cloth is very popular and accepted by local and international community.

Batik give full meaning to art and cultural representation from each region the country. Each region has a characteristic way of making batik motifs and different.

Many things which can be extracted from a piece of batik cloth. Not only used for clothes, but development is currently at household and interior. No wonder when it is said that batik is a cultural relic copyrighted works owned by the Indonesian nation.

Create your batik enthusiasts, here we present a series of batik motifs that have been eloquent in the ears of Indonesian society.

1. Parang Rusak
Is one of the motifs used in sacred that only the court environment. This motif is also able to identify the origin of court users, whether from the palace in Solo or Yogya.

2. Parang Barong
Derived from the word "rock" and "barong" (lion). Formerly worn by nobility for ceremonial rituals and meditations for this motif is considered sacred.

3. Parang Klitik
Symbolizes subtle and wise behavior. Once the motif is only worn by the princess.

4. Parang Slobog
Symbolizes strength, precision, and patience.

5. Sekarjagat
Epitomizes love and safeguarding peace. So no wonder if the motive was often worn in a wedding.

6. Tuntum
Usually worn for wedding bridal mainly by parents because it means guiding motives.

7. Kawung
Symbolizing wisdom and life balance.

8. Mega Overcast
Symbolizing the carrier had been waiting for the rain as the bearer of fertility and the giver of life. Light blue color on this motif symbolizes the brightness of life.

9. Poleng
Describing honesty, balance, trustworthy and courageous.

10. Sido Mukti
Usually worn by the bride and groom at a wedding, also named as Sawitan (pair). Sido mukti means continuous and meaningful life and happiness abound. So this motif symbolizes the hope for a better future.

11. Asih Sido
Has the meaning of love.

12. Sido Mulyo
Mean life is always virtuous.

13. Sido Wirasat
In this motive is always there komdinasi this motif there is a combination of motives always truntum in it because it symbolizes the parents will always give advice and guide the bride and groom in entering married life.


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