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Gus Dur's Death

Indonesian Leader 12/31/2009: Former President KH Abdurrahman Wahid, who called Gus Dur, died at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/12) at 18:45. Indonesia and the world mourned. Former Chairman of the NU, the birth of Jombang, East Java, August 4, 1940 it was the teacher of the nation. Serving for the sake of the nation in diversity.

President Susilo BambangYudhoyono overnight express deep condolence on behalf of state, government, and privately by the death of Gus Dur, president of the Republic of Indonesia's 1999-2001 period. President asks people fly the flag at half mast for a week as a form of respect and mourning.

Accompanied by Vice President Boediono and some ministers, the President explained, the state will provide the highest tribute to the late Gus Dur with a state ceremony for the funeral which will be held in Jombang, Thursday, 31/12/2009, chaired by the President.

Departure bodies from funeral homes in Ciganjur, Thursday morning, led by Chairman of the Assembly Taufik Kiemas. The body was flown via Singapore and disamput with a military ceremony led by Army Commander.

Chairman Tim Joseph Misbah Doctors who treat the Gus Dur since December 26, 2009 to give information about the certainty of the death of Gus Dur has been in RSCM. Joseph, accompanied by Minister of Health Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih.

According to Joseph, Gus Dur was hospitalized in a state of declining health after making a pilgrimage to the tomb of a number of scholars in East Java. Called, Wahid condition had improved during treatment. However, at about 11:30 Wednesday, 12/30, his health suddenly deteriorated related complications during this illness, namely kidney, diabetes, stroke, and heart. At 18:15, the team doctor said that Gus Dur's health is in critical condition. Doing intensive care by a team of doctors. But his life is not helped, and was pronounced dead at 6:45 p.m., Wednesday (30/12).

In critical condition, the President had met Gus Dur's wife, Mrs. Sinta Nuriyah Wahid. After that, go to the infirmary. Accompanied the President is the team doctor and husband Gus Dur's second daughter, Yenny Wahid, Dhohir Pharisees.

Guru Nation
Indonesian nation to lose teachers. He's a character who never tired to enlighten the mind of all components of the nation. Often many people do not understand the way of thinking, so it is often considered controversial. He was a defender of truth. Combatants diversity.

Teacher nation statesman. That Gus Dur has a strong commitment on the pluralism of Indonesia. A host of modern Islamic thought in the traditional spirit. So sometimes he is accused are too liberal in his mind about religion. Happy Street Teacher Nations

KH Abdurrahman Wahid (2001)

Teacher Social rudder Nation

He is familiarly called Gus Dur, the Guru Nation which often threw the controversial opinions. Even when he was President of the Republic to-four (20 October 1999-24 July 2001), he was not afraid to express something which he believes is true even though many people find it difficult to understand and even opposed it.

Although his voice was often invite controversy, but the sound was not rare in fact be the steering currents of social travel, politics and culture forward. He was a man who was not afraid to express something which he believed was right. In fact, she is also not afraid to express something different from the opinion of many people. If Disraeli, truth is indeed often seemed a radical and controversial.

Although opinions are not always right - not to mention often true in the eyes of others - is something that is difficult argue that many of the opinion that directs the flow of rail travel on a true nation in accordance with national objectives in the Preamble to the Constitution in 1945.

Opinions are often seen without a personal or group political interest. He dared to stand in front for the interests of others or other groups who his believe true. In fact, often as opposed to voice his own group. Also, even when he became president, that office like as brakes unable to express something. Apparently, he forgot the soft political office for the sake of something which he believed was right. So when he became president, many people consider it strange because often make remarks that invite controversy.

Not one month presidency, former NU chairman (1984-1999) was already sparked opinions ears redden most members of Parliament. In front of the legislative assembly, whose members again as a member of the Assembly, who had just picked it, Wahid said the members of the legislature's like kindergarten kids.

Shortly thereafter, he also said it would open trade relations with Israel, a country hated by many people in Indonesia. This statement is to invite a strong reaction from some parts of Islam.
Some time ago, he fired several members of his Unity Cabinet, including Hamzah Haz (Chairman of the United Development Party). Various policies and this makes it more real firing away from the conspiracy of political interests that allow him elected president.

At that time, the General Session in 1999, the Central Axis that fail to pass one of his own character to be president (President BJ Habibie, Amien Rais, Hamzah Haz, and Yusril Ihza Mahendra), Gus Dur's arm to be able to defeat Megawati Sukarno-daughter.

Gus Dur, a renowned expert in politics, deftly capturing this opportunity. So that Megawati's party won the elections which ultimately only get a vice chair. Gus Dur's election was, once again has shown controversial figure. Controversy in the political feasibility of democracy. Controversy about the physical condition of Gus Dur himself. But it must be admitted, that Gus Dur, with Genius and excellence that exceeds the capacity of many people! If it was not Gus Dur, it is very unlikely to happen.

Though not surprised when at first he was considered only as bait by a conspiracy of political interests. Because of the votes and the health condition of PKB, Gus Dur is considered highly unlikely to become president. However, with Gus Dur Genius play ball that rolled out of Central Axis (when it is a coalition of Islamic-based parties minus PKB) joined hands with Golkar, MPR rejected the accountability of President BJ Habibie. This is an ethical force BJ Habibie withdrew from the presidential nomination at the last second.

The night after the rejection of Habibie's accountability and before the morning of the presidential election, Golkar leaders and held a meeting at the Central Axis of Habibie's residence. They are looking for a replacement, BJ Habibie. The first alternative, as the General Chairman Akbar Tanjung, Golkar. Iramasuka group led by AA Bramuli refused. Then came the name of Hamzah Haz, Chairman of the PPP. Not considered strong against Megawati. Finally, the crack of dawn appeared the name of Amien Rais, Chairman of the PAN.

Amien is estimated to be able to win votes, reflecting the acquisition of voting in elections won by MPR Chairman Amien Rais. At that Gus Dur (played political tricks) supports Amien Rais compete with Matori Abdul Djalil (Chairman of PKB), which supported the PDIP. Finally, in a meeting at the house of President BJ Habibie, Amien Rais agreed to a presidential candidate, Amien records will first confirm it with Gus Dur.

However, before the confirmation was made, at the instigation of the PKB and approval Kyai Wahid had already officially registered Wahid's candidacy. Gus Dur's candidacy officially this shocking Central Axis (which often refer to nominate Gus Dur). Golkar and PDIP is also surprising even his own PSA. Once again, Gus Dur showed his Genius controversial and shocking.

Surprisingly changed the political map. Amien Rais diurungkan candidacy. Then came the name Yusril Ihza Mahendra (Chairman of the UN General Assembly) of the Central Axis faction formally nominate themselves to compete with Gus Dur and Megawati. The emergence of a faction of Megawati Yusril could make more optimistic about winning the election. But, then revoked Yusril candidacy after a meeting with Gus Dur. Wahid once again showed his class in politics.

Gus Dur from smaller parties (11%), defeating Megawati's party election winners (35%). Membership composition of the Assembly election results in 1999 that more 90 percent of men's Iaki, apparently reluctant to vote for Gus Dur, among others, for reasons of gender. A LlPI political observers call it a historical accident. Even Gus Dur himself was apparently feeling shocked and surprised by saying: "The blind kok elected as President".

The atmosphere outside the trial heats. Because the Assembly considered to have set aside the people's voice is reflected in the election. However, in this case, Gus Dur, once again, showed his prowess. He had a sniper tactics. He embraced Megawati. CLA formally nominate Megawati in the seizure of chairs Vice President, Hamzah Haz to compete with the Central Axis is supported. Megawati also won.

At that time, it seems that Gus Dur is very aware of his weaknesses. In his opening remarks the first few moments after he won the presidential election, he would like to thank PDIP Megawati and health factors that are not disputed fiscally.
At first many people are optimistic that the duo-Wahid to Megawati, who has long been 'brothers', will be lasting and strong. Moreover, the composition is supported by the Union Cabinet to accommodate almost all political forces and kepiawian Gus Dur in politics.

But as the saying goes: clever-clever squirrel jumped finally fell to the ground only. In the eyes of many people, self-confidence Wahid seems too excessive. He often asked their opinions and taking a controversial policy. Her vision is getting worse may also be used by the prompter in the vicinity. Gus Dur also often members of his cabinet by replacing arbitrary prerogative umbrella. These actions culminated in the replacement of ministers replacement Sukardi Admiral (PDIP-election winner in 1999) of State Owned Enterprises Ministry Position and Jusuf Kalla (Golkar, the second winner of the 1999 elections) from the position Minister of Industry, unbeknownst to Vice President Megawati and House of Representatives Speaker Akbar Tandjung.

House menginterplasi Gus Dur. Questioning the reasons for the dismissal of Admiral and Jusuf Kalla, who accused Wahid doing service learning. Allegation is not proved until the end of Gus Dur.

Since that time, Megawati began to clear at a distance from Gus Dur. Political support from the legislature to Gus Dur becomes very low. Wahid here seems negligent that in a democracy there can not be a president (executive) can lead without political support (which is represented in the legislature and the party).

Strangely, after that Gus Dur was even more loudly declare themselves have the support of the people. While most representatives in the Parliament and the Assembly continued to show a different attitude, no longer support Gus Dur.

Then Raise the head cases Buloggate and Bruneigate. Wahid's alleged involvement. This case led to the memorandum the House of Representatives. Memorandum II was ignored after Gus Dur, eventually the House asked the Assembly to hold a Special Session (SI) to hold the presidency.

Gus Dur to fight, action it deems the DPR and MPR violate the Constitution. He rejected the implementation of the SI-dissolve the Assembly and decreed the DPR and MPR. But Wahid's decree is not supported. Only the power of PKB and PDKB (Love the Nation Democratic Party) who provide support. In fact, since the decree, the Assembly to accelerate the implementation of the SI on July 23, 2001. Gus Dur, eventually lost his position as the fourth president after he refused to provide accountability in SI MPR. And Vice President Megawati, was appointed president on July 24, 2001.

After the SI-MPR, Wahid as Chairman of the Consultative Council PKB Matori Abdul Djalil also sacked from his post as Chairman of the PKB. This action then responded by holding a Conference PKB Matori who gave birth to the emergence of two stewardship of PKB, which was then popularly called PKB Stone Writing (led Matori) and PKB Brass (the leadership of Gus Dur-Alwi Sihab). Stewardship of this PKB twins should continue to trial despite ongoing efforts to reconcile as well.

Founding Fathers
After no longer served as president, Gus Dur's return to the original life. Although already a partisan, in his capacity as Chairman of the Board Consultative decelerator and PKB, he seeks re-emerged as the Father of the Nation. Like the figures before assuming the presidency.

Previously, Gus Dur is the Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Indonesia's largest Islamic organization with members around 38 million people. But he was not a sectarian. He is a statesman. Not infrequently he is against anyone who even his own supporters mass in stating a truth. He was a prominent nationalist-minded Muslims.

Gus Dur often spoke out strongly against sectarian religious politics. Stance is often placed in difficult positions, against other Islamic leaders in Indonesia. Such as the establishment of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI), which is chaired by President BJ Habibie, Gus Dur openly opposed. He calls the nation ICMI will cause problems later in life, which in less than ten years, it was the same statement can be proven true or not. Then, he founded the Forum for Democracy as a counterweight ICMI.

Although he recognized large part because of NU, his political vision is believed to be close associates as exceeding the organization's interests, sometimes even beyond the interests of Indonesia. This was reflected in his willingness to receive a position at Shimon Peres Peace Center, and when he proposed to establish relations with Israel.
In the Order, as Suharto's very powerful, Gus Dur, is known as one of the slippery character to master. Even Gus Dur can utilize the Family Sister Tutut Sandalwood with invites to visit the huts around the pesantren. Gus Dur also took some time to visit after the resignation of President Soeharto.

Wahid was born August 4, 1940 at Denanyar, Jombang, East Java, Indonesia's influential Muslim families. His father, Wahid Hasyim, is a former Minister of Religious Affairs in 1945. His grandfather, Hasyim Ashari, is one of the largest Muslim leaders at the turn of a century ago in 2000. Gus Dur to follow family tradition by studying in many pesantren. Wahid's name is taken from the tradition in the region, where locals call him a son from an elite family as 'Gus'.

He also briefly studied literature and social sciences at the Faculty of Letters, University of Baghdad, Iraq. Days of lectures with the emergence of the power of the Baath party, Saddam Hussein's socialist party, which attracted many followers. With this background, he also briefly rumored as a 'figure of smell left' during the New Order.

From Baghdad, he returned to Indonesia in 1974 and began a career as a 'scholar' by writing several columns in various national mass media. In the late 70s, the husband of Sinta Nuriyah, it has successfully established himself as one of the many scholars of Indonesia's most famous and best-selling also as a public speaker.

Names Wahid was elected as the more protruding after NU chairman, in Situbondo NU Congress in 1984. At that time the relationship was intimate with the government NU-mesranya. Although the next trip, Gus Dur is not always compromise with the government. For example, when the government plans to set up Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in the Muria, Gus Dur was against it. Similarly, when Habibie, ICMI established, entered into a fight with Gus Dur founded the Forum for Democracy.

Gus Dur was diligent criticism pertained to the government. Criticism for long lead Pak Harto uncomfortable. Peak occurs at NU in Cipasung Mukhtamar 1994. Wahid's government has tried to tackle. But Gus Dur and equipment selected for the second period. This was expressed from didn't wanna President Suharto received Gus Dur and other NU administrators.

One of the gait of the most prominent Wahid while leading NU, was when he brought it back to khittahnya organizations, out of practical politics in 1984. Although, in 1999, he also brought NU back into politics although in a different format because it is done through the formation of the PKB, the party which is always referred to as 'child of' NU.

It is also known as a defender of the true figure. Is it minority or majority. Defense to minority groups perceived as a courageous thing. This reputation is so prominent in the latter years of the New Order era. Once the prominence of this role so that he even accused more closely with minority groups rather than the Muslim majority community itself. Though he is a scholar who by some congregation even been regarded as a guardian.

In early 1998 he suffered a stroke. But team doctors managed to save him. However, as a result, his eyesight worsened. At the time he was sworn in as president, he has described the Western mass media as 'almost blind.' Besides being a stroke, his health problems allegedly caused by hereditary factor also caused a close blood relationship between the parents.

He is also a keen observer football power analysis. In fact, after his eyesight completely disrupted, the World Cup in June 2002 and then, he was still too excited to comment on the projected winner.

Besides being an idol for many people, Gus Dur also become an idol for the fourth daughter: Qortrunnada Munawarah Alisa (Lisa), Zannuba Arifah (Venny), Anisa Hayatunufus (nufus) and Inayah Wulandari (Ina). This is reflected in the recognition of his eldest daughter Lisa. Lisa said, the figure of NGO leaders Wahid declined him, declined to Venny columnist talent, his castrate on nufus and egalitarian nature of Ina.

Presidential Candidates

Chairman of the Board Suryo PKB, PKB nominated a presidential ticket with Marwah Daud Ibrahim as vice presidential candidate presidential election in 2004.

But this pair is not passed by the General Elections Commission (KPU) due to Gus Dur assessed do not meet the requirements of the spiritual and the physical ability to fulfill his duties as president, according to health inspection teams Indonesian Doctors Association. Due to the refusal Commission (22/05/2004) This, Wahid do various legal efforts, among others, sued the Commission in criminal and civil court to sue for loss of Rp 1 trillion, reported to Panwaslu, after a previous judicial review to the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court . He also will be determined outside the system if efforts are not successful candidacy.

His name was entered in the general election presidential nomination in 2004, as the only presidential candidates from the PKB. Mentioned that he still had the support of the Master. He himself confirmed this in his statement several times.

But some politicians and political observers expect, Gus Dur can optimize its role as one of the 'father of nation'.

By not running for president, he as the 'father of nation' plus a control holder (most influential) in the PSA, can provide a significant influence on the way democracy in this country. Political tricks that are often unexpected, expected to be highly influential on the national stage poltik.

Ad Stars Wiranto-Wahid

After not qualify to be presidential, he appeared as an ad-vice presidential partner Golkar Party Wiranto-Wahid Solahudin. According to Wiranto-Solahudin more electable than any other vice-presidential partner. He felt sure that Wiranto would uphold democracy in accordance with the speeches Wiranto. Semenatara Solahudin own biological sister is the person referred to escape the net because it proved the feasibility test before becoming Vice Chairman of National Human Rights Commission.

Gus Dur to be a star appearance Wiranto ads, it seems increasingly asserted its position that is often controversial. As if he did not remember the position of the Armed Forces Commander Wiranto as the time of the riots in May 1998 and Semanggi tragedy I and II. In this turmoil and tragedy, not a single military-police officers Terrace which claimed responsibility, both legally and morally.

Apparently Gus Dur is not affected to the many allegations of involvement Wiranto, former military chief and a former aide of President Soeharto, in a few cases of human rights abuses and riots in May 1998 and the deployment Pamswakarsa. While most people feel have not received any explanation from Wiranto responsible about the various cases.

Semenara it, Wiranto himself had sworn an oath to be elected by the people in his ads in the presidential election. Wiranto himself seems to not feel like a failure when it served as military chief when the country was hit by riots where very horrible.

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