Forms of Higher Education
Higher education is a unit that held higher education and may take the form colleges, polytechnics, colleges, institutes, or universities.
Academy conducts programs of professional education in one branch or part of the branches of science, technology, or a particular art.
Polytechnic conducts programs of professional education in a number of areas of specialist knowledge.
High school academic programs and / or professionals within the scope of one particular discipline.
Institute conducts programs of academic education and / or disciplinary group of professionals in science, technology, and / or similar arts.
University academic programs and / or professionals in several disciplines of science, technology, and / or certain art.
Education Line
The structure of higher education in Indonesia consists of two lines of education, ie academic education and professional education.
Academic education is higher education that is directed primarily at the mastery of science and its development, and more priority to improving the quality and broaden knowledge.
Academic education organized by high schools, institutes, and universities.
Professional education is higher education that is directed primarily at the readiness of the application of certain skills, and give priority to improving the ability / skill, or emphasizing work on the application of science and technology. Professional education was organized by colleges, polytechnics, colleges, institutes, and universities.
Academic education to produce graduates who obtain academic degrees and are maintained through the course Bachelor (S1-Strata1) or postgraduate programs. These graduate programs include Master's and doctoral programs (S2 and S3).
Education professional path to produce graduates who obtained a professional designation that is administered through a diploma program (D1, D2, D3, D4) or Specialist (SP1, SP2).
The educational program is a program of undergraduate and diploma-prepared for students to become graduates armed with a set of abilities needed to initiate functions on the work environment, without having to go through an adjustment period is too long.
S2 postgraduate education program (masters), S3 (Doctorate), and Specialist (SP1, SP2) is a special program prepared for the activity that is independent. Education S2 and S3 more emphasis on research based on innovation activities, research and development, education specialists, while intended to improve services for service users in a specific field.


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