Since the 11th century, Gresik became the trade center and port city which is visited by many nations, such as Chinese, Arabic, coarse and Gujarat. Gresik, as well as the first entrance of Islam in Java that brought Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim Fatimah binti Maimun Together [1]. Gresik has become one of the major port and an important trading town since the 14th century, as well as a haven from the Moluccas ships to Sumatra and mainland Asia (including India and Persia). This continued until the era of the VOC.

In the era of VOC, Afdeeling consists of Gresik Regency, Gresik, Lamongan, and Sedayu District. Gresik city itself is on the main lane road heading Dandels. Surabaya is quite rapid developments forced the abolition of Gresik and Surabaya to join the District in 1934.

At the beginning of the Independence of Indonesia, Gresik kawedanan below is just a district of Surabaya. Gresik Cement Plant built in 1953 is the starting point of industrialization in Gresik. In 1974, the Surabaya district status as a successor was removed and Gresik regency, with the first regent H. Soeflan. Settlement area was widened, and even the seat of government was transferred to Regions Bunder, which is now considered New City Of Gresik ( GKB )


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