History Batik Madura

As a cultural art forms, batik Madura highly sought after and loved by local and long distance customers. With unique shapes and motifs Madura batik has its uniqueness to the consumer. The style and variety of unique and free, personalized nature of the production (done by unit), still maintain traditional ways (written and processed by traditional means) and always use natural dyes are environmentally friendly.

History records Madura batik producers and herbal medicine is quite popular. What made him become like that, perhaps because the two commodities is an integral part of the tradition of their own community.
Small industry which became the pride of this region's batik. For Madura, not just a piece of batik cloth, but has become a cultural icon and a frequent object of research in many institutions. In the various books published abroad batik, Batik Madura is of particular concern. Motifs and colors contained in a long cloth that reflects the character of the society. Tanjung Bumi Batik particularly artificial in Bangkalan.

Not only in the Cape of Earth only, batik has become the value of Indonesian arts and culture in foreign currency. Even the clothes batik clothes or be part of formal wear in Indonesia. Not infrequently we find or even often, by invitation, officials wear batik on formal occasions the family, country and others.

In essence, Batik with different shapes and styles, whether it Madurese batik, batik pekalongan, java batik, batik jogja, solo batik batik-batik and other areas of high culture is a work of art that need to be maintained, preserved, developed nation to become a valuable asset This international eyes.

Let us imagine what if the dress suit that is now the official state clothing across the world, replaced with Madura batik or batik from Indonesia? This truly is a thing that might happen if we could develop the Madura batik or batik Indonesia professionally. Hopefully.

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