History of Bromo Mount

History of Mount Bromo
In mountainous regions in Tengger, we know of Mount Batok, sea sand, and the famous crater of Mount Bromo. Apparently they got the origin and history in the form of legends.

Before Rara Anteng married Joko Seger (See post before this), many men who fancies. Understandably, as the Goddess of beauty is very natural. Among the candidate, there is Kyai Bima, criminal magic. Rara Anteng can not simply reject the proposal. He accepted it with reservations, Kyai Bima make sea on the mountain and was completed overnight.

Kyai Bima undertakes these requirements and work hard to dig the ground to create a sea of using shell (shell) that mark until now a Mount Bathok, and sea sand (ocean wed hi) widely spread around the peak of Mount Bromo. To irrigate the sea of sand, built a giant well, the scar is now a crater of Mount Bromo.

Rara Anteng anxious to see the supernatural power and recklessness Kyai Bima. He soon find a way to thwart the interests of Kyai Bima on him. He also hits hard corn as dawn, when a still night. Hearing the sounds of pounding corn, chickens and crows wake. So did birds. Kyai Bima shocked. Mistaken for dawn. His job is not finished. Kyai Bima Climbing Hill then left. He left the signs:
1.Segara Wedhi, the sand beneath Mount Bromo
2.Mount Batok, ie, a hill located south of Mount Bromo, shaped like a shell that against.
3.Heap land spread in the area of Tengger, namely: Mountain-bull's shoulders, Mount Ringgit, Mount Linga. Mount Gendera, and others.


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