Age of the Dutch East Indies

In the days of the Dutch East Indies, Surabaya residency status as the capital of Surabaya, whose territory also includes the area that is now the region Gresik, Sidoarjo, Mojokerto and Jombang. In 1905, Singapore received the status of municipality (a town). In 1926, designated as a provincial capital Surabaya, East Java. Since it was developed into a modern city of Surabaya, the second largest in the Dutch East Indies after the Batavia.

Before the year 1900, the central city of Surabaya only revolves around Red Bridge only. Until the 1920s, new residential growth areas such as Darmo, Gubeng, Sawahan, and Ketabang. In the year 1917 built a modern port facility in Surabaya.

Dated February 3, 1942, the Japanese dropping bombs in Surabaya. In March 1942, the Japanese captured Singapore. Surabaya later became an Allied air attack on May 17, 1944.


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