There is little physical evidence remains of Majapahit, and its history is not clear. The main sources used by historians is Pararaton ('Book of Kings') in Kawi language and Nagarakertagama in the ancient Javanese language. Pararaton Ken Arok (founder Singhasari) but includes several short sections on the formation of Majapahit. Nagarakertagama, is a poem written in Old Javanese Majapahit golden age under the reign of Hayam Wuruk. After that, the thing that happens is not clear. In addition, there are several inscriptions in the ancient Javanese language and historical records from China and other countries.

The accuracy of all the Java-language manuscript is disputed. There is no denying that the resources they contain non-historical elements and myth. Some scholars like C.C. Berg considers all texts rather than the past record, but have meaning in terms of the supernatural can know the future. [8] However, most scholars assume that the broad outline of these resources can be accepted as consistent with historical records from China, particularly list of rulers and royal state which appears to be quite certain.


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