Before traveling to Anchorage Quin, Sukabumi, Mystery took talking with Silalahi (40 yrs), spiritualist who will lead the ritual.
"The Legend of Queen Kidul origin derived from the Batak land is not separated from the story of Batak kings," said Silalahi began.
It was told, the trip starts from the Batak king who had two sons. Eldest son was named Teacher Tatea Moon and both are named King Isumbaon.
His oldest son, the Guru Tatea Moon has 11 children (five sons and six daughters). The fifth son named: Raja Uti, Saribu King, Limbong Mulana, Sagala King and Lau King. Meanwhile, the sixth daughter named: Biding Sea, Siboru Pareme, Paronnas, Nan Tinjo, Moon and Flowers The Pandan.
Biding the eldest daughter of the Sea has a beauty more than any other sister. He also has a friendly disposition and polite to her parents. Therefore, Biding Sea pertained most beloved child of his parents.
However, the proximity of parents to raise jealousy Sea Biding his brothers the other. They agreed to get rid of Biding Sea.
One time, his brothers facing the Sea Biding his father to take a walk to the beach Sibolga. That request was denied Teacher Tatea Moon, the Sea is considering Biding her beloved daughter. But his brothers were insistent desire, so that the father was eventually unable to resist.
On one day, Sea Biding his brothers invited a walk to the area of Sibolga. From the beach Sibolga, they then used the two fruit boat toward a small island called Pulau Marsala, near the island of Nias.
Arrive in Marsala Island, they take a walk while enjoying the beauty of the islands that are uninhabited it. Until then, do not know the intentions Sea Biding hidden his brothers who want to harm. Biding Sea is only just a willingness to follow his brothers to walk further away from the beach.
By noon, the Sea Biding feel tired until he was resting and sleeping. He had no idea when he was being negligent, then exploited the opportunity that his brothers left the sea Biding alone on the island.
On the beach, Sea Biding brothers are ready to use two boats to return to Sibolga. But one of his relatives suggested that a boat was left alone. He worried that if the two boats arrived in Sibolga will arouse suspicion. Better to just one carry, so if anyone asks say a boat was sunk by Sea Biding casualties.
But what his brothers had planned not to become a reality, because the fate decides otherwise.


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