Temples in Sumatra

The temple on the island of Sumatra, not as much as there is in Java. Most temples in Sumatra is located at a location far enough away from town, so not many tourists who visit there. Most of the temples of Sumatra, which has been known to exist, located in the province of North Sumatra, especially in the District Mandailing Natal and South Tapanuli. Very little information is known about the existence of such temples. In addition, the temple site is generally quite far from town, so not many people know of its existence or visit there.

In Simangambat near Siabu, North Sumatra, for example, there are ruins of Shiva temples. Presumably the temple was built in the 8th century. To learn more about the ruins of this temple is still necessary to study and excavation.
Other areas in North Sumatra are known to have a lot of temples is Padang Lawas area which includes the Sub Sipirok, Sibuhuan, Sosopan, Sosa and Alternating Padang. In this area there are dozens of ruins of Hindu temples all of which are located not far from the creek. Most are in District Alternating Padang. Not much is known about the ruins of the Temple. Presumably the temples are built in the reign of the kingdom Panei in 11th century AD

Among the temples in the region of Padang Lawas, the best known is the Temple which is located in the village Bahal Bahal. This temple has been known to exist since the Dutch era. The Dutch government called it Temple Portibi (portibi in Batak language word meaning in this world). Bahal Temple complex in the temple there are three buildings that have been renovated, namely Candi Bahal First, Bahal Bahal II and III. These three temples are located on one straight line. Although has undergone restoration, many parts of the temple which was not found again and should be replaced with brick. Other temples in this region, which have had restoration is Sipamutung Temple. This is the enshrinement of the temple complex is quite large and consists of several buildings, but almost no information that could have been written about this temple.

Muaro In Jambi, Jambi province, there are also several temples, among which are Astano Temple, Temple and Temple High Gumpung, new Twins Temple, Temple Gedong, Kedaton Temple, and Temple City Mahligai. Form of temple building and the remaining articles were found Muaro historic Jambi show that this building background of Hinduism and is expected to be built at the abat-4 up to the 5th M.

The temple was quite large and famous temple of Muara Takus Sumatra is located in Riau Province, precisely in the village of Muara Takus, District Thirteen Koto Kampar regency. Near the upper reaches, the river forked into Sungai Kampar Kampar Kanan and Kampar Kiri. On the edge location of Stream Kampar Right village of Muara Takus this. The temple building Takus Estuary is mainly made of red bricks. Unlike the other temple ruins found in North Sumatra, Muara Takus Temple is a Buddhist temple. The existence of the temple allegedly has strong links with the Kingdom of Sriwijaya and can also be used as an indication that the Estuary Takus never functioned as a port of the vessel. This is possibly because people Sriwijaya is a tough sailors who could navigate the Kampar River far upstream. Based on the record the I-Ching, who estimates that there Takus Estuary area is not the capital of Sriwijaya or at least as a port city that was once a center of Buddhist learning, a place of knowledge of travelers from China, India and other nations.


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