Independence War Period

The proclamation on August 17 1945 burnt the spirit of Arek-Arek Surabaya in opposing colonizers, until occurred the Inferno of Surabaya that awakened the suppressed nation be revived to oppose colonizers.

On Monday, September 3, 1945, the Resident Soedirman proclaimed the RI Government in East Java and has been answered with the Flag display action all over the Surabaya corner. The Dutch aircraft spread the announcement pamphlet that the Ally/the Netherlands would land in Surabaya that caused Dutch arrogantly display the Dutch flag in Orange Hotel on September 19,1945, this caused arek-arek Suroboyo's anger arose, so as to the bloody incident happened with the murder of Mr. Ploegman. Blue color in Dutch flag (red, white, blue) was torn by Arek- Arek Suroboyo and flew Red White flag (Sang Merah Putih) gloriously in the space.

On October 25, 1945 the English troops landed in Surabaya , the 49th brigade with the strength 6,000 soldiers were led by brig. Jend. A.W.S. Mallaby, troops had from the world cauldron of war that consisted of Gurkha troops and Nepal from North India . In following day, on October 26-27, 1945 , several English aircraft dropped the leaflet that commanded the Surabaya inhabitants and East Java to hand over the weapon. On October 28,1945 the incident all over the corner of the city happened.

The peak of this tragedy on October 30-31, 1945 the English troops left the Internatio Building . Brig. Mallaby was died, as his car was exploded. On November 9, 1945 the ultimatum that was signed by May. Jend. E.S. Masergh the Commander of the Division of the allied Troops in East Java, asked the people to hand over the unconditional weapon before 18.00 and if not carried out up until 06.00 on November 10, 1945 in the morning would be taken action against with the strength of the Army's military, Sea and Air.

Successively, at 21 o'clock.00 and 23.00 after through the Center Government in Jakarta did not succeed in changing the founding headed by the English Troops to pull out his ultimatum. Governor Soerjo made a speech that was confirmation, "Better was destroyed than was colonized again". On November 10, 1945, the massive battle in the corner of the city, happened the mass opposition the Surabaya people opposed the allied troops, so many victims fell everywhere, for 18 Surabaya days like in hell. With destruction of the fortification of the people's paramilitary troops in Mountain Sari, on November 28 1945 caused all the Surabaya City fell to the hands of the Ally contemporary.

Recalled heroism for Arek-Arek Surabaya that struggled courageously until the point of final blood, for the sake of the sovereignty and erected the Indonesian nation goal then was built the Pillar Monument of the Hero (Tugu Pahlawan) who was declared on November 10 1962 by President of Indonesia.

Moreover, it was also built the bamboo stakes Monument (Bambu Runcing) to recall the spirit Arek-Arek Suroboyo that courageously opposed colonizers with the weapon an existence although only with a lath of bamboo which tip was sharpened.

Source :

* Surabaya Now And Future, 2003


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