Buddhist History of Hinduism in Indonesia

Religion is the first entry in Indonesia was Hindu and Buddhist. Buddhist History of Hinduism in Indonesia is very interesting to learn. many cultures of this era that are still there and still we often see.

Indonesia also reached the top of the triumph of these periods, ranging from the kingdom of Sriwijaya, Majapahit kingdom, and others. so if we study the Hindu-Buddhist culture might not quite a year. culture and very interesting, very impressive, and very cultured.

Belief System
In the Buddhist religion, especially in the Mahayana system by system wagniadatu mention the supreme god is Adibudha and can not be described because it is not shaped.

Sidhartha Gautama
Founder of Buddhism was Gautama Sidhartha is a child king who had psychic or enliptenmen lighting. He Say that the world we see is maya and people are not knowledgeable. Sansana human life experience or life again as a human or animal.

Ganesha is the son of Shiva with Arwati. With the illustrated four-armed elephant-headed and, on the forehead also have a third eye. And on each arm have different bodies, namely:
a) the lower right hand holding the ivory fracture
w) the upper right hand holding prayer beads
c) upper left hand holds the ax
D) the lower left hand holds a bowl containing candied

Lord Shiva
In the middle of the page there are five buffaloes, four buffaloes were small, and one big buffaloes, which is the vehicle of Lord Shiva who kesemuaannya made of the statue.


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