When he awoke from his sleep, Sea Biding surprised to find himself alone on the island of Marsala. He ran towards the shore to try to meet his brothers. But no one saw, except a boat.

Biding sea can not understand why she was left alone. But he did not think his brothers tried to harm. Without thinking, he immediately boarded a boat and pedaled toward the coast of Sibolga.

But the big waves never brought Biding Sea to the land of his birth. For several days the boat waves wandered on the west coast of Sumatra. I do not know how many times he fainted from hunger and hot air. His suffering ended when his boat shipwrecked in the Land of Java, Banten area.

A fisherman who happened to see it and then help Biding Sea. In his new home, Marine Biding get good treatment. Biding Marine was happy to be with his new family. He was treated appropriately. In an instant, her presence in the village became a byword of society, mainly because of their beauty charm.

It was told, at one time the area was the arrival of a king from the East Java region. When are resting on their way, pass a pretty girl who is very beautiful like an angel from heaven, and attract the attention of the King. Because of interest, the King to find out that beautiful figure who turned out Biding Sea. Biding Enchanted Sea beauty, the king also ask for her hand.

Biding Sea reject the proposal does not deny that, until they are married. Biding Sea and subsequently brought to a kingdom in East Java.


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