Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms

In the 4th century until the 7th century in the region of West Java have the character of the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that is continuing with Tarumanagara kingdom of Sunda kingdom until the 16th century. During the 7th century until the 14th century, the Buddhist kingdom of Sriwijaya in Sumatra growing rapidly. Explorers of the I Ching to visit China around the year 670 the capital of Palembang. At the peak of its glory, the Srivijaya controlled as far as West Java and Peninsular Malays. 14th century also witnessed the rise of a Hindu kingdom in East Java, the Majapahit. Majapahit Patih between the years 1331 to 1364, Gajah Mada, succeeded in obtaining power over the territory which is now mostly are Indonesia and almost all Malays Peninsula. Gajah Mada legacy from the period including the codification of the law and in Javanese culture, as seen in the epic Ramayana.


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