RITUAL calling Queen of South

To prove the existence of a figure of legend Biding Sea is believed to be Queen of South, along with eight colleagues Mystery of the Batak tribes all had come to Port Queen to perform the ritual summons the spirit of Queen of South.

The first location is the tomb of Master Lock Batu Kendit's Father Em par. This location is known to the public, especially those who want to perform a ritual calling Queen of South. It seems, in this place was Queen Kidul appeared normal.

Before performing the ritual, as is usually some Ubo rampe has been prepared, including: orange, lime, apples, betel leaves, bananas, grapes, oil genie, hibiscus, rice flour, coconut and sugar (itaguruguru-Batak language).

At around 22:30 that night, began the ritual ceremony calling the spirit of Queen of South. At that time, Silalahi and Boru Tumorang seemed to read incantations-spells. Moments later, Silalahi began showing facial expression changes. Mysterious figure who seems to have penetrated summoned into the body. Later Mystery knowing, supernatural figure that is the spirit of King of the Batak.

While in almost the same time, also showed expression of Boru Tumorang trance. Her body suddenly fell down and crawled to shift position. After that, he resumed his seat with his face bowed and eyes closed. Spirit of South Queen had penetrated into the body of this woman's home Samosir.

Dialog in the Batak language ensued between Silalahi (already conceded the spirit of King Batak) with Boru Tumorang and several people who attended. Throughout the dialogue, facial expressions changing Tumorang Boru. Sometimes a smile, laugh, cry and sing the song contains some advice.

The first sentence is pronounced is the Queen of South

"Why only now you come to see me? And I've been here long, "said Queen Kidul through Tumorang Boru lips.

When one of those present asked about Biding Sea, South Queen instantly retorted, "Yes, I am Biding Sea. It's up to whether you will believe it or not. "

Further dialogue spilling out. Some of them noted the Mystery of the dialogue when Boru Tumorang crying, saying

"Boasa nalupa tuauito hamo warehouse (why you'd forgotten all about me)?" Said the Queen through the lips of Boru Tumorang Kidul. "Ahado sisukunonmuna (What do you want to question)?" Continued the Queen of South.

"Hamirotuson nanboru namagido tangiansiangho (We came here to ask for prayer from Nyai)," answered one of those present.

"Asadikontuhata pasupasu dohut rajohi (Let God-given blessing to us)," said another.

Boru looks Tumorang wagged his body. Head like digelengkan, occasionally nodding. A moment later he said:

Java language "Posmaruham, paubahamuma pangalaho rohamuna (Percayalah. As long as you change the attitude and behavior for the better, it definitely will happen)."

Furthermore, he said again, "Asarat martonggo mahita tuoputa (Let us together pray to God)."

language of Java "Molonang Muba rohamu nalaroma balainna mamuse he he followed tuinjang (If it does not change with a good attitude will arise again, the tsunami disaster)"

"Dope Dangdiadia namasae naosolpu nalaroma muse gogosiani buckler (Not how the disaster that was then. More terrible disaster will come again. If you do not believe in God)."

South Queen's advice seems directed to all people. While the child's descent from the tribe of Batak, Kidul Queen said,

in Java language "Amang Posmarohamu paboanhudoi your God pomparanhu dibagasan parnipion (Bel eave. All offspring will I let each one through a dream)."

"Amang Posmaroham patureon hudo sube popparamme (Believe me, I'll help and I help all this Your children s).

South Queen also gave orders to all men to not discriminate between race,

"Unang despair tumanisiae Pabohamu mambedahon popparanhisude (Send to all people so as not to distinguish the tribe)."

Dialogue with the spirit of South Queen lasted about half an hour. The contents of the dialogue is filled with advice to the people that always do good.

But for sure, the dialogue is also Queen of South Queen figures tell the origin of himself and his real name.

Search effort is opening a new discourse about the origins of Queen of South. This ritual was not intended to justify one side. As Silalahi,

"We do not intend to claim the truth of our opinions," Silalahi said, smiling. "But we're just trying to raise again an issue that has long been grown in our area. The truth may be debated, "he continued.

Correct what he said. Queen of South supernatural figure deserves debate. The existence of both parts of these origins can, too. But certainly, advice Queen south are not aware spoken through the medium, often reminds us to always believe in God.


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