SOUTH drowned in the sea

Sea Biding living happily with her husband, who became king. But the happiness did not last long. Occurred within the palace intrigues which accused Biding Sea affair with royal officials. Royal law was established, Biding Sea must die.

This situation is causing turmoil of the King. He does not want a very beloved wife in law died, while the law must be upheld. In this situation, he then maneuver to send back to Banten Biding Sea via sea.

Using boats, Biding Sea and some of the king went to Bantam. They walked down the Indian Ocean, known as the South Sea.

However poor their fate. In that trip, their boat sank buffeted by storms. Biding Sea and several guards were drowned in the South Sea.

So a bit of a legend Biding Sea that is trusted as the original figure of Queen of South.

"In the legend of Batak kings, the figure is still quite mysterious Sea Biding its existence, while children of other teachers Tatea Months listed in the legend," said Silalahi with a serious expression.

Meanwhile, Boru Tumorang (45 yrs) admitted that he often had long since conceded the spirit of Queen of South. Especially the case when the arrival of guests who ask him to do the treatment. But Boru Tumorang not understand why his body is elected Queen of South. Everything is going beyond its intention.


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