Before the arrival of the Dutch

Surabaya Majapahit Kingdom was once a gateway, ie, at the mouth of Kali Mas. Even today a city of Surabaya is set as the date of May 31, 1293. The day was actually a victory day of Majapahit troops led by Raden Wijaya against troops of Kublai Khan's Mongol empire messenger. Mongol armies who came from the sea is described as SURO fish (shark / bold) and Raden Wijaya troops who come from the land described as BOYO (crocodile / danger), so it literally means brave to face the coming danger threatens. So the victory was celebrated as the anniversary of Surabaya.

In the 15th century, Islam began to spread rapidly in areas of Surabaya. One member of the guardian sanga, Sunan Ampel, establishing mosques and Islamic schools in the area Ampel. Year 1530, Singapore became part of Demak Sultanate.

Following the collapse of Demak, Surabaya, Mataram Sultanate conquest subject: Panembahan Senopati invaded in 1598, a massive attack by extension Krapyak Seda ing in 1610, was attacked in 1614 by Sultan Agung. Blocking the flow of the Brantas River by Sultan Agung Surabaya finally forced to surrender. Year 1675, won the Madura Trunojoyo from Surabaya, but finally kicked the VOC in the year 1677.

In the agreement between Pakubowono VOC II and on 11 November 1743 handed over his command to the VOC Surabaya.


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